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The Simpsons will forever be known as hit tv series but soon they may be known for being ahead of their time or possibly psychic considering the show had predicted a lot of true events including Donald Trump’s presidency.

Now it looks some people think they may have predicted Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl half time show.

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In a 2012 episode titled “Lisa Goes Gaga,” Mother Monster is tethered to a flying rig and flies around in a harness while playing a piano.  Rewind back to Sunday night, Gaga, dressed in a flashy jumpsuit, flew down from the rafters of NRG Stadium. See the picture below:

Do you the see the similarity?

So, the question becomes, did the Simpsons actually predict Lady Gaga’s performance or did Gaga get some inspiration from what she possibly saw on the Simpsons?

We may never know…

SOURCE: TwitterYouTube | IMAGE CREDIT: Getty

Did The Simpsons Predict Lady Gaga’s Superbowl Performance? [VIDEO]  was originally published on hot963.com