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'Mortal Kombat' Star Joe Taslim Would Love To Do a Sub-Zero Prequel Film

Source: Warner Bros. / Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is still being talked about following its highly anticipated release. One of the film’s stars is already envisioning the future for his character.

Beware, spoliers ahead.

Whether you liked it or not, Mortal Kombat was a success for HBO Max and at the box office and will likely spawn sequel films. Indonesian actor and renowned martial artist Joe Taslim who did what he had to do as everyone’s favorite cryomancer assassin Sub-Zero has plans for his character that he hopes will come to light in future films.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Taslim revealed that he hopes to play Bi-Han (Sub-Zero’s real name) again in a prequel and a subsequent sequel. Now, for those who have seen the movie, Sub-Zero was turned into a sweltering pile of ash…literally, by Scorpion (Hiroyuki Sanada) with the help of his distant ancestor and newbie to the franchise Cole Young (Lewis Tan). In Mortal Kombat, no one ever truly dies. Taslim is a fan of the iconic fighting video game franchise knows that and wants to see his character resurrected as another popular fighter just like in the game.

Per THR:

“Yes, that’s the next transformation of the character,” Taslim tells The Hollywood Reporter. “If the fans want this franchise to continue, then there’s a strong chance that the next step for Bi-Han is to play Noob Saibot. Fingers crossed, but I hope it happens because I definitely want to play that character.”

That’s not all either. Taslim also revealed that he really wants to do a prequel film focusing on Bi-Han’s tragic past that made him the ice-cold killer he is.

“The most interesting path, in my opinion, is to do a prequel,” Taslim shares. “It would be a story about Bi-Han and his training in the Lin Kuei. When he got abducted by the Lin Kuei, his parents were killed. So it would be the process of him and his brother becoming assassins.… We would get to see two future Sub-Zeros in one movie, and that would be intriguing.”

All we have to say on that is, WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT!

Mortal Kombat is in theaters and streaming on HBO Max right now. You can also check out our exclusive interview with Mehcad Brooks, who played Jax in the film, by heading here.

Photo: Warner Bros. / Mortal Kombat

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