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During an episode of College Championship on Jeopardy a Stanford student named Viraj Mehta stuck his middle finger out while he was on camera.
The question is, was this intentional or did he do it not realizing what he was doing?
The incident happened when the show’s host Alex Trebek asked Viraj a question about pizza.
It was during Viraj’s a way to eat a slice of pizza that his middle finger was sticking out a second too long.

It doesn’t appear that the show snapped to the fact that Viraji just flipped off the camera , but Twitter did. It didn’t take long for Twitter to blowup about his middle finger with .

So if Viraj did it just to go viral and or on accident probably doesn’t matter to him since he went viral and won the game.

Did this Jeopardy Contestant Flip the Bird on TV?  was originally published on theboxhouston.com