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Young Thug x The Breakfast Club

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After all these years in the music game, Young Thug finally made his The Breakfast Club debut and though he at one point threatened Charlamagne Tha God with bodily harm, the two men have gotten past that and sat down for quite an insightful interview.

With DJ Envy gone for the day, C Tha God and Angela Yee had the honors of getting all their questions off and answered while Thug was in town to promote his latest album, Punk. Talking about all the rumors about him to why he hated Lyor Cohen early in his career, Young Thug opens up as much as he could during the hour-long interview.

Here are the 11 things we learned from Young Thug on The Breakfast Club.

Young Thug refutes rumors that he walked around with tampons to cover potential bullet wounds should he have gotten shot. Anyone who’s seen his album cover to Jeffery would’ve definitely believed he rolled like that. Just sayin.’

Thug confirms that after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, he was in Atlanta “protecting” the city from heads who relocated from Nawlins to the A and tried to muscle the locals for money. Even rappers would come to him to hold them down at the time.

Interestingly enough, Thug says that someone who shot him back in the day is now his best friend. He says even though he shot him, he grew fond of him over the years seeing him go in and out of prison. Well, at least he’s a forgiving person.

Even though people thought that Thugger was copying Kanye by wearing all white while recording his latest album (Kanye wore all black Donda merch to do his), Thug says it had nothing to do with Kanye and was actually inspired by the “contemporary” house he was staying at in Atlanta. “I’m like ‘I wanna like do all white vibes everyday for the rest of this album… it actually had nothing to do with Kanye.” He eventually bought the house.

Even though it seemed like he was dying to be on Kanye’s Donda album, he says it wasn’t that he wanted to be on it “so bad,” but that he and Kanye have so much material together that he wants him to put something out already.

Interestingly enough Elton John is a big fan of Thugger and says the first thing the iconic artist asked him when they met was “When do Guwop get out?” Who knew he was a Gucci Mane fan too?

Young Thug admits that he hated Lyor Cohen more than he did Charlamagne due to his bad record deal and being neglected for years. Things are better between the two of them now though and Thug says “He’s a good guy. He’s a dad” but did admit that “It took me like 9 months to a year to forgive him.”

Thug says he went from drinking a pint of lean in three days to a pint of lean in one week. Thug says that he was with Mac Miller in the studio the day before he died and [the song they recorded] was actually named “The Day Before.” He does say he hasn’t processed Mac’s death and is still running away from it.

Young Thug x The Breakfast Club

Source: Power 105 / Power 105

Thug says he destroyed that Rolls-Royce with a bat because he wasn’t in “album mode” and he wanted to do something “cool.” For him it symbolized “punk and rock star” and “yeah ni**a, this me.” He actually bought it too. He said he left the keys out in LA and whoever finds them can keep the car. We on that next flight.

Even though he and Lil Wayne had gotten off on the wrong foot back in the day, Thug says they’re cool now and wants to do an album with him even if doesn’t get anything off the backend. He says that he looked up to him and even wanted to be like him at one point. Birdman helped them squash whatever beef they had.

As for that famous meme of Young Thug and Durk looking into the computer, Thug says he can’t say what they were looking at but “it definitely wasn’t Pro Tools.”


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