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Just when we thought we knew Will Smith we find out we really don’t. The Hip-Hop icon reveals he experienced bizarre effects during sex after suffering his first heartbreak.

As spotted on The Huffington Post the rapper turned actor is giving the world a view into his life like never before. In his recent memoir Will he details how his first true love put him a unique space after the relationship ended. Melanie, who he describes as “beautiful” with a “beguiling mixture of insecurity and quirkiness surrounding a simmering core of artistic brilliance”, apparently stepped out on him while he was on tour.

Unfortunately, he became too focused on “healing the pain of her trauma” and proceeded to attempt to self-heal in a way that might not have been very prudent. “I desperately need relief but as there is no pill for heartbreak, I resorted to the homeopathic remedies of shopping and rampant sexual intercourse,” Smith writes. “I had sex with so many women, and it was so constitutionally disagreeable to the core of my being, that I developed a psychosomatic reaction to having an orgasm,” he wrote. “It would literally make me gag and sometimes even vomit.”

Ironically the “Summertime” rapper was hoping to be saved by these random women. “In every case, though, I hoped to God this beautiful stranger would be ‘the one’ who would love me, who would make this pain go away,” he explained. “But invariably, there I was, retching and wretched. And the look in the eyes of the women even further deepened my agony.”

Will is available now.

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