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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta is dedicated to Joseline Hernandez and the birth of Bonnie Bella, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any ratchet involved. We’ll get there. The episode starts 5 weeks before Joseline gives birth on Dec 28th, and her baby shower and family relationships sans Stevie, for the most part, are the central themes of the episode.

As far as family goes, we learn that Joseline’s 20-year-old brother, who happens to be the first one in their family to have gone to college, is expecting a baby. The problem is, he denied that the child was his up until recently (the mother is 6 months at the time of taping). Joseline is afraid he might go the Stevie J route and talks sense into him about not being a dead beat. She pretty much raised him and wants him to be great and her message seems to have gotten through. He says he’s going to continue with school and get a job so he won’t have to be too much in her pocket. In related news, Joseline’s 19-year-old niece is also pregnant. It’s definitely a family affair.


In Love and Hip-Hop crossover news, Nikki from the Hollywood edition and Joseline have a thing going on. Nikki came to the A for Joseline’s baby shower, and that brings us to the scene where Nikki and Joseline are in bed in their lingerie planning to get freaky because Nikki always wanted to have pregnant sex.


Anyone else wondering when the heck this “love” connection happened?

Fast forward to the baby shower, and that is where the ratchet kicks in. We’ve all seen the pics all over the internet, by now, but seeing it in person is even more amusing. Young Dro performed, and Mariahlynn came through and performed the baby shower classic, “Once Upon a Time I Was a H–.”


There was a “kooty cat cake,”and strippers too. It’s just what Joseline wanted. Can you even imagine what Bonnie Bella’s first birthday or even Sweet 16 is going to be like?


Anyway, the episode concludes with the main event, Joseline’s labor. She handled her natural water birth like a champ. Joseline is surrounded by midwives, her sister, and even Dawn, and they all keep her focused even when she wants to give up and go to the hospital. Bonnie Bella arrives after several hours, and The Baddest Puta becomes human. It’s actually nice to see this soft side of Joseline, who is so moved by the miracle she just performed, that she’s sobbing tears of joy. She even invites Stevie to the birthing center to meet his daughter and decides to let their drama go for the sake of co-parenting their child. The episode ends on a high note, with Stevie doing skin-to-skin contact with Bonnie and both parents seemingly at peace.

Next week we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled shenanigans, but it’s obvious that tonight’s episode was a test. Joseline will probably be getting her spinoff pretty soon.


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