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angela rye

Source: Larry French / Getty

Angela Rye told Tomi Lahren know her lane and stay in it after she tried to come for Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Tomi, who has tons of free time after getting booted from The Blaze, decided that she was going to hop into a conversation that had nothing to do with her earlier this week.

Maxine has been very vocal in her criticisms of the Trump administration, and in recent interview with The Hill she called him “a disgusting poor excuse of man>”

Apparently, that must have been the Bat Signal for Tomi because she decided to hop on Twitter and say this:

When Angela caught wind of Tomi‘s comment during chat with Charlamagne Tha God, she didn’t let it slide. She reminded Tomi that she should forever address Maxine with respect.

“So, first of all,” Angela started, “Tomi, don’t you ever call an older Black lady by her first name. Get it right.”

“I wouldn’t mess with Queen Maxine simply because I don’t disrespect my elders,” Charlamagne added before pointing out that Tomi is Bill O’Reilly fan, and reminding her of what happened to the former FOX News host. “You don’t want those problems.”

Checking Tomi one last time, Angela concluded, “She’s coming for the wrong one.”

Where Angela left off, Twitter took over and continued dragging Tomi.


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