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Jim Jones

Source: Bernard Beanz Smalls / Bernard Beanz Smalls,

After days of getting trolled on social media for no particular reason, Jim Jones has finally responded to the meme that seemingly makes fun of his hair.

The meme in question is one of Jones who was notoriously known for rocking braids at one point that resembled those of Kawhi Leonard during his San Antonio Spurs run when he begun his career (remember the heat he got for his hair piece back then?). With a caption that read “It’s like Jim Jones goes to get his hard braided and says “When you’re done, brush it,” y’all knew sooner or later Capo was going to weigh in on the uncalled for slander.

Reposting the meme, Jones wrote:

“I thought we was supposed to b cool this how yal gone handle me

“BRUSH IT” I’m out F y’all

“Sticks n stones” u know tht rest lol

Ps hate yal lol 😂

Well, at least we know Jim has a sense of humor about things these days. We feel like had this been Diplomatic Immunity Jones of 2003, he and his team might’ve been searching for the source of the meme to have some words. Struggle braids and all just to prove a point.

Since those days though, Jim Jones has cut off the braids for a more clean look that he’s maintained for quite some time now, so it probably doesn’t bother him as much as it would’ve back then.

Good to see Jim Jones take things lightly these days as he was once known to be a bit of a hothead in the Hip-Hop game at one point. We’ll never forget that passionate interview he gave to Funk Master Flex in which his emotions just poured out his eyes when reflecting on some painful memories that had listeners both in shock and awe of his life.

Let’s just hope the next meme that slanders him doesn’t resurrect mid-00’s Jim Jones cause then it’ll be a problem.

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