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Kyle Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty In Kenosha Protest Shootings

Source: Pool / Getty

If I’m being honest, by the end of Kyle Rittenhouse‘s murder trial, I was too numb to be upset about his acquittal. The writing was already on the wall as Rittenhouse had the benefit of an overwhelmingly white Wisconsin jury, a judge who probably has his face tatted on his lower back by now and an army of right-wing pundits, politicians and MAGA-mutts rallying behind him. So it wasn’t so much the acquittal I was dreading as much as it was the righty-whitey fame that was sure to follow.

So now, the “kill, cry and skate” poster child is making appearances on Republican sneaky link network Fox News, meeting with former commander-in-orangey-white-nationalism Donald Trump and being interviewed by conservative podcasters. In fact, just this week, Rittenhouse was featured on the You Are Here show, which airs on BlazeTVwhich is basically Fox News for redneck Brandsmart shoppers—where he expressed his super saltiness over NBA superstar LeBron James laughing at the non-existent white tears he fake cried while taking the stand in his own defense. 

I’m not sure what Rittenhouse was being so whiny about when those same cracke…I mean, crocodile tears James and everyone else were mocking helped set him free, but whatever.

And on top of all that coverage, now Rittenhouse apparently has a new official Twitter account that already has some 85,000 followers and is littered with love letters and apologism for the guy whose claim to fame is killing two people and injuring a third after crossing state lines with an assault rifle he was too young to carry legally.

I’m with journalist Ernest Owens on this one. If you don’t want your Twitter feed to be tainted with praise for a teen who would be under the jail right now if he weren’t white and if conservative America wasn’t lining up to hump his leg, you might want to preemptively block the page. If you don’t think a probably soon-to-be verified Kyle Rittenhouse Twitter page won’t eventually become a virtual Home Scholl Shooter Depot, you just don’t understand how American whiteness works.



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