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“Head coach next.” Those were the words that Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk said he was told by a league when asked about Joe Brady’s firing earlier this week on Pro Football Talk. Florio, as he does every week, stopped by the Mac Attack to clarify what exactly he was a hearing in reference to the situation in Carolina, a franchise that he referred to as a “dysfunctional” one.

Florio is of the belief that this was a move made out of desperation by Matt Rhule with the pressure that he may feel from a less than patient David Tepper. “From the timing of the announcement to the fact that it happened a week into a two week bye and the way that it was discussed and explained, there ‘s just something about it that doesn’t seem right. I feel like there is a heck of a lot more to it. Part of that more to it could be that the head coach realizes there is a good chance he’ll be next.”

Florio once again pointed to the fact that Tepper has been impatient with the quarterbacks as the reason that the same will happen when it comes to his head coach. “If you’ve come to the conclusion that you coach isn’t going to be another Vince Lombardi or Bill Walsh or Bill Belichick or whatever the bar is that David Tepper has in place, then, based oh what he’s done with quarterbacks, why wait?”

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