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Pottle Nail kit

Source: Tatayana Yomary / Tatayana Yomary

To know me is to recognize that I play absolutely no games when it comes to my nail game. After all, getting your nails done is a great way to express your personality while serving as a chic beauty accessory. If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried your hand at every nail invention known to man. From press-on nails to gel nail strips, the possibilities are endless. So, once I learned about Pottle gel manicure kit, I had to see what the hype was about.

The first thing that caught my interest is the fact that Pottle is a Black-owned beauty brand — shout out to the founder, Seanette Davis! Secondly, the kit makes it super-easy to customize your manicure. And lastly, the process is oh-so-easy to master. By adding mixtures of desired nail lacquer colors you can have a unique color to call your own. Plus, Pottle comes in major clutch to help you create your own lip gloss.

Pottle Finished Gel

Source: Tatayana Yomary / Tatayana Yomary

I’m the type of girl that loves to play with color. Since we’re beginning to transition form fall to winter, I like for my manicure to be on-trend. I kept it cute with a glittery magenta shade. Plus, I like to keep my nails on the classic side when trying out new products. My Pottle kit came with two empty nail polish bottles (Pottles), a set of applicators, a luster top coat, two pigments, alcohol wipes, a nail file and buffer, stirrer, and a gel lamp.

To kick things off, I mixed a quarter of the top coat, two drops of purple lacquer, and some pink glittery pigment into an empty pottle and stirred until it was blended evenly. Next, I filed and buffed my nails to ensure that they’re even and in tip-top shape. Next, I washed my hands and used an alcohol wipe to get rid of any excess debris. Then, I painted my nails with my custom gel nail polish. After one layer, I placed my nails under the UV lamp to dry. I painted on another layer and dried them again under the UV light. Finally, I layered a top coat on my nails and dried them for the third time under the UV light.


Pottle UV Lamp

Source: Tatayana Yomary / Tatayana Yomary

Pottle Finished Manicure

Source: Tatayana Yomary / Tatayana Yomary

Once my work was done, I was actually impressed by the level of shine my at-home manicure had. Not to mention, the process was much easier than I thought. Plus, I can also use the Pottle kit with my beloved press-on nails for days when I want to give my natural nails a break. Best of all, this is a great way to upgrade my self-care routine without having to step foot outside of my home.

Would you give Pottle a try? Sound off in the comment section below. Be sure to visit Pottle’s website to get the lowdown on all of their product offerings.


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