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Rapper Jim Jones revealed his mother taught him how to tongue kiss on a recent episode of Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast.

The hosts had an exchange with the New York rapper on the show about his first intimate tongue kiss. To everyone’s surprise, Jones shares that his young teen mom was actually the person who showed him how it is done.

“She taught me how to tongue kiss when I was younger,” Jones exclaims on the show.

Angela Yee asks out of curiosity, “what did she tell you to do?” Jones responds reiterating his initial point.  “She told me how to tongue kiss,” he says.

Yee probes a bit more to get an honest answer from Jones. “What’s the instructions,” Yee asks.

This is where the conversation gets a bit strange.

“There wasn’t no instructions,” Jones reveals. “She showed me with her mouth.”

Yee and the rest of her co-hosts were appalled.

“She kissed you,” Yee asked.

“Its my mother,” Jones casually responded.

The rest of the hosts share a few exchanges saying their relationships with their parents differed. Yee added, “my parents barely kissed me on the cheek.”

Jones continued sharing more of the details of his first kiss with his mom.

“She showed me how to tongue kiss when I was younger,” Jones continued laughing. “Remember my moms was 17 she’s a baby. Look at all the babies having babies now. Look how they act with their babies. It’s like they have a little sister or a little brother rather than having a child.”

Jones seems to have a different view of how intimacy and vulnerability works in a mother and son dynamic, pointing out that his mother was a young parent.

Yee closes out the short clip, shared by The Shaderoom, with: “Did you think tongue kissing was nasty at first?”

“The first time I tongue kissed a girl,” Jones continued. “Yeah.”

No one was expecting that on the sixth day of 2022. Some fans believe that explains a lot about the rapper.

Other fans are calling Child Protective Services on his mom for her peculiar parenting methods.

Pray for Jim Jones. Watch the clip from Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast below.



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