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In an eye-opening final interview shortly before his death last month, late rapper Prodigy gets candid about genocide against Black people, a skepticism of the medical industry and his deep struggles with spirituality.

In the season finale of VICELAND’s The Therapist, Prodigy outlines his internal struggles with the truths of his life and the chronic pain of his blood disorder, Sickle Cell anemia, with which he was diagnosed at 3 months old and struggled up to his death on June 20 at the age of 42.

“Ive been given guidance, supernatural guidance, that people wouldn’t even understand if i tried to talk to them about it,” he tells host, Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh. “Supernatural experiences.”

Prodigy revealed that his chronic pain made him question the existence of God in his youth.

“I feel like it gave me a mental disorder a little bit,” he said. “It made me not believe in God. Just you know, having conversations with God, begging God to make the pain go away. And God is not responding, so I don’t believe in that.”

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Still, he said that eventually, he built up his faith after certain experiences where the Lord revealed himself to him. From there, as his faith started to grow, he asked God to see signs that what he believed was real.

“What we saw scared the sh*t out of us,” he said.

Among those signs he said were a “Jesus-like figure” and UFOs that were  “undeniable” and that came “because I was asking it to come.”

One of the more terrifying ordeals he outlined happened one night when he was 26 and had been healthy for about six years.

“When I laid down to go to sleep, you know, all of the lights were off in my room, and I’m laying there and a black shadow walk across my room. And it looked like—the only way I can describe it [as looking] like is the Black Spider-Man. So I just laid there, and I put the sheet over my head like a little kid, just like, forced myself to go to sleep. And I woke up the next morning—the pain woke me up. I [hadn’t] been sick in six years. And I was in so much pain I had to get carried to the hospital. I knew what happened automatically, I already knew what it was. I already knew what that black shadow was.”

The shadow, he said, was a dark force of negativity that attaches itself to people and feeds off them, as it did to him. For the next few years, he went into a downward spiral that ultimately led him to incarceration. He said it was then that he realized that it was because God wanted him to get his life together.

He also went into detail about his feelings about a “hip hop task force” to monitor successful Black rappers like himself and P.Diddy who were making money in the industry, as well as a skepticism about the medical industry, which he said was engaging in what he called “population control” through unnecessary immunizations.

“They have major programs, immunization programs, where they’re poisoning us,” he said. “They’re infecting us with stuff on purpose and it’s called ‘population control.’ They have these programs they do in Africa where they immunize the whole village. They’ll give them shots and it’s poison and they’re killing them. They’re giving them disease, filling them up with mercury.”

Prodigy also detailed the “assassinations” and “assassinations of character” of those who spoke out against such attacks and who were “freedom fighters” for the freedom of Black people.”

As to why he decided to come forward and begin speaking about his experiences, he said that he wanted to share the things he had seen.

“I’m somebody that’s very blessed and I wanna share the blessings with others,” he said.


See more clips below and catch the whole interview, which aired Monday night at 10:30p.m. EST on VICELAND, or by clicking here and signing in through your cable provider.


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