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Rachel Lindsay narrowed it down to her final four this week on The Bachelorette. None of her choices were surprising.

Hometowns are a week away, and Rachel is switching up the game. Rose ceremonies have been canceled, and all dismissals will be made during the dates. Three guys would get solo dates, and the remaining three would go on a group date with Rachel.

Once she dropped that bomb, she turned to Bryan and told him to get ready. None of the guys knew what they were doing, but they were hating just a bit that she swept him off his feet. Bryan was bowled over when he and Rachel stepped out for a ride in a luxury, which escorted them to a watch shop. There, she gifted him with a fantastic watch. Then, it was off to a romantic candle-light dinner, where Rachel got down to business.

Rachel and Bryan undoubtedly have a strong connection, and he even admitted that he’s falling in love with her. Still, there were a couple of things that Rachel needed to know before she felt comfortable enough to give him a rose.

“Will they be accepting of me?” Rachel said, asking a very real question for anyone that chooses to date interracially.

Bryan reassured her that his family would welcome her with open arms, but he didn’t hide the fact that there may be some challenges. He’s scared to bring Rachel home because the last time he brought someone home, it didn’t end so well for him.

Rachel processed the information quickly before handing him his rose. As if there was any doubt that he would get it. He happily swept her up into his arms for dance and a kiss as strings started playing in the background. It was truly a fairytale moment.

“when I’m with Bryan, I feel like a princess,” Rachel shared, adding that she feels like she can be the best version of herself with him. “He has a lot of the characteristics I’m looking for in a husband.”

Next up was Dean, and she told him to put on his Sunday best so that she could take him to church.

Dean is definitely the guy for a good clean Sunday afternoon date. He’s lighthearted and cute. He seems like her variety of goofball. It works, but for how long?

While Dean usually has a smile plastered on his face, he was a bit more nervous today. He’s got serious fears about telling her about his family–let alone meeting them. Every time Rachel tried to ask him a serious question during the day, he would deflect with a silly question or a compliment.

Rachel wasn’t letting him off the hook with a laugh. She was serious about the need for him to be real with her. She wants to dig a little deeper with him, and she was fully prepared to send him home if he could not let down his guard.

Lucky for him, he was able to tap into his adult side in order to admit that he’s afraid his family will reflect poorly on him. His mother was the heart of his clan; when she passed, things fell apart because his father was not able to meet Dean’s emotional needs as his son.

Seeing that vulnerability from Dean was all Rachel needed in order to feel good about handing him a rose.

Peter got the final solo date, and she flew him up to the Alps for some scenic alone time. It was sort of a full circle moment since Peter had the first and last one-on-one date.

This allowed them some time to check back in with each other and snuggle up in the snow. This also gave Peter a chance to reveal that he’s been struggling with jealousy throughout the season.

Here’s where Peter has the game f*cked up. He’s been feeling some type of way about Rachel dating other men and getting to know them during her time on the show, and he’s been tempted to leave before. The problem here is that this is exactly what he signed on for when he agreed to be on the show. Don’t be mad when you get what you expected from a situation.

After coming down from the mountaintop, they put on their best duds for a romantic dinner. Rachel found out about his parents (they won’t be fazed by her race), his dating history (he’s never dated a Black woman before), and his last breakup (he felt bad about dumping a girl who loved him a lot). The date was pretty unremarkable as has much of Peter’s time on-screen. But if Rachel likes it, I love it. Not everyone needs to be a huge personality.

Eric, Matt, and Adam were the three left to battle it out on the group date. Rachel, clad in a super-cute outfit, let the guys know from jump that this was going to be a tough day and that two guys were going home.

With that reality check out of the way, everyone boarded a boat to France. Matt stuck around just long enough to sip a glass of champagne before Rachel tearfully set him on his way.

During dinner, she raised another glass to the survivors, Eric and Adam. Adam hasn’t gotten much a chance to make an impression. They haven’t had a one-on-one date, but he’s found ways to have moments with her. They must have some kind of spark because she’s kept him around this long.

Rachel and Eric have had a little more challenge in their relationship. They’ve been through as many ups and downs as can be had on The Bachelorette, but Rachel just can’t seem to leave Eric alone. Their date in Copenhagen only served to improve their rapport because he was able to open up to her during a fun date.

It threw her a bit to find out that if Eric makes it to hometown week that it would officially be the first time he’s ever brought someone home. Keeping that in mind, he had to keep 1000% real, so he let Rachel know that he did not grow up in an ideal situation.

She seemed more perturbed by the fact that he’d never brought somebody home before. But that wasn’t enough to lose him the last rose of the night.

Eric seemed relieved to get the final hometown rose, but he didn’t get much time to enjoy it. He had to be there to comfort Rachel, who was feeling terrible about breaking things off with Adam.

It was a tough decision for Rachel to make, but she realizes that not everyone can make it to the end. “I have to be selfish in the decisions that I am making,” she concluded.


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