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Evelyn Lozada was a wee bit shook as she prepared to face her old friend Jennifer Williams for the first time in years.

When Jenn and Evelyn made their debut on Basketball Wives, they were inseparable, but the relationship crumbled as seasons wore on. By the end of their run, they were at each other’s throats. Evelyn and one of her other friends even attacked Jenn during a taping.

When Jenn and Evelyn both returned to the franchise this season, viewers knew it was only a matter of time before they crossed paths. Given the way they fell out, the first time they met had to be handled carefully.

As Evelyn told Entertainment Tonight, it was important for their first meeting to be one-on-one “We didn’t want anyone else to be there because the issues that we had were between the both of us. No one else really matters,” she explained.

The on-camera meeting would be the first time they had even spoken to each other in years. Evelyn revealed that thinking about how the conversation could go had her on edge. Despite how their last interaction went, Evelyn was hoping for a more positive experience.

“We didn’t have a conversation prior to [filming], so I was obviously very nervous. I didn’t know how it was going to turn out,” Evelyn admitted to Entertainment Tonight. “I didn’t know what mindset she was in, but I’m saying to myself ‘I don’t want to argue or fight with anybody. I definitely didn’t want any drama with her.”

After exiting the show and living through a very public domestic violence situation, Evelyn saw returning to Basketball Wives as an opportunity to offer a narrative of atonement and forgiveness.

“One of the reasons why I wanted to come back to Basketball Wives was to be able to film stories like the one with [Jenn],” Evelyn said. “Real things that people can relate to, other than catty drama.”

Ultimately, Evelyn just wanted the chance to apologize to her old friend so that they can begin the healing process.

“We’re sisters, you can go through things. But you can also be two grown adults and work through it,” Evelyn said before coming to the conclusion that it is alright to apologize when you’ve been wrong. “I think it’s okay to say ‘I’m sorry, I f***d up.’


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