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Source: Nike / NIke

As sneakerheads continue to complain about not getting a fair shake on Nike SNKRS app due to bots, raffles, and “preferred” accounts, the Swoosh has announced new changes to another one of it’s apps features, “SNKRS Pass” in an attempt to level the playing field.

In a statement released yesterday, Nike announced that going forward the “SNKRS Pass” method of securing a pair of sneakers at your closest Nike retailer will go from first-come, first-serve, to, wait for it… a raffle! SMH. If y’all thought it was impossible to win a draw on a regular release date, the “SNKRS Pass” offer a limited amount of sneakers at any given participating retailer so chances will be slimmer. Still, bots would eat merch before one could even press the “Reserve” button, so we get it. In the announcement, Nike explained their latest change.

“Now, like the “Draw,” you’ll be able to request a SNKRS Pass reservation during an extended window of time. Once that window closes, winners will be chosen at random, and you will then be notified of your results. This evolution in SNKRS Pass integrates bot-filtration tools — the same technology used during in-app launches to help real Members secure pairs — and further protects the integrity, fairness, and authenticity of the experience.”

We’ll believe it when we see it.

It should be worth noting that Nike plans on cutting Foot Locker Inc. out as the middle man in an effort to directly sell their own products via Nike websites, apps, and brick and mortar stores. So that should mean more “W”‘s on the SNKRS app in the coming future, right?

Still, sneakerheads have a particular disdain for raffles on the SNKRS app, so best believe this latest move isn’t too reassuring to heads who already suspect the app of being rigged.

Regardless, good luck and Godspeed, y’all.

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