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i-Envy Magnetic Liner and Lash Kit

Source: i-Envy / i-Envy

When you have a toddler and should have been at your destination 30 minutes ago, magnetic lashes are the ultimate time-saving beauty item you probably didn’t know you needed. If you’re like me, who also happens to be six months pregnant, attending any event (even a 1-year-old birthday party) requires some sort of beat face.

Before my fiance, 2-year-old tot, and I pulled into our hotel parking lot, I has already planned to do a quick five-minute makeup beat, which would include primer, foundation, concealer, eyeliner, and if I was lucky enough, a pair of magnetic lashes I had never tried before.

I have a bag of lashes from i-Envy and upon running out of the house to embark on our weekend family road trip, I grabbed the first lash box I could find; which happened to be a magnetic lash kit. I never like to experiment with unfamiliar makeup techniques on the fly. However, magnetic lashes have been popping up on my social media timeline more than ever — so I figured, they have to work. And they do!

Shamika Sanders magnetic lashes

Source: @shamika_sanders / @Shamika_Sanders

Did I mention how easy they were to use? I was pleasantly surprised to find the two-step process much easier than my usual strip lash application. What I loved most about i-Envy’s Magnetic Liner and Lash Kit was the magnetic liner that pretty much killed an extra step in my routine. Because the liner, which fully functions as liquid liner, was also the proverbial glue to the lash, it was easy to apply and no messy glue to, well… mess with.

I simply applied the magnetic lash liner to my lid, which I’m a pro at applying liquid liner in a rush these days, and followed up with the thin lash strip. It locked in instantly. Whoa. It really works. Since I’m not new to this, I’m true to this, I made sure to carry the lash liner with me just in case my lashes began to fall off (a watery eye will do it every time) or I didn’t sure them as well as I thought I did. And I’m glad I did because I did find myself going over my lash line one more time because the magnetic lash has come up in my inner eye corner.

Despite feeling like a gust of wind would easily blow them away, my lashes were sturdier than I thought. I will definitely try more magnetic lashes and different styles. While wispy was perfect for an everyday look, I live for the drama and can’t wait to try bolder magnetic lashes!

Try the i-Envy Magnetic Lash Kit, here.


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