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Fat Joe x Math Hoffa

Source: @MATHHOFFA / Youtube

It’s no secret that Tekashi 6ix9ine remains one of the most hated men in Hip-Hop today and now Fat Joe has become the latest high profile rapper to air out the most famous snitch in Hip-Hop history.

Joey Crack had some pretty strong opinions on Tekashi that he aired out while he was sitting down with Math Hoffa for Math’s Expert Opinion podcast and labeled the “Gummo” rapper a “a p*ssy, a sucka, a B*tch!” No lies detected.  That being said, Fat Joe did say he doesn’t wish any harm on Tekashi but feels like he might have a death wish given how Tekashi carries himself out in these internet streets.

Naturally, Tekashi caught wind of Fat Joe’s popular opinion and hit up TMZ to clap back at the New York Triple OG and basically accused him of being jealous of his success.

“Fat Joe is jealous of 69. 69 has done more in his young career than Fat Joe has ever done in his long career.”

6ix9ine adds … “Fat Joe said I was miserable and want to die? Fat Joe is miserable and wants to die because Fat Joe doesn’t have half of what 69 has in money and cars.”

Tekashi concludes … “Fat Joe said I’m not a gangster, it was all for promotion? That’s fake news. What’s his proof that I ever said that? There is no proof. He’s lying.”

We know Tekashi has feds as his security and has recently aligned himself with another click out in Brooklyn, but Tekashi doesn’t want the smoke with the Bronx legend. Fat Joe is one of the rap game’s most beloved, respected and revered artists of all-time while Tekashi can’t even go to a club by himself without fear of getting smacked up.

Tekashi might wanna sit this one out. Just sayin.’

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