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“My Feet Are Killing Me” is back for Season 4 where Dr. Brad Schaeffer, Dr. Ebonie Vincent, and Dr. Sarah Haller will face more shocking medical issues while entering an “unchartered territory” of podiatry.

Check out an exclusive clip from tonight’s episode below:

In the season premiere, a women fears losing her foot after walking on a broken tibia for 10 years, golf ball-sized bunions may prevent another woman from ever running again, and a man is dealing with intense foot pain after his big toe was transplanted to his hand.

Other cases featured during the season include a woman whose feet have grown horns, three sisters who are all suffering from various foot fungi, a man whose foot looks like a hobbit foot, growing to twice its size due to a case of gout, and a woman with a severe case of webbed feet where only a unique treatment using fish scales in conjunction with surgery can help.

Through it all, the three doctors graciously handle each patient in hopes of giving them pain-free lives.

We caught up with our fave Dr. Ebonie who dished on the new season, her priceless HBCU experience, Doctors on TikTok, setting boundaries, and more in our interview below:

You may recall when she treated a patient named Akilah who thinks her feet are CURSED.

According to the patient, feet problems are hereditary and no doctor’s been able to figure out exactly what’s ailing her.

“Everybody in our family has foot problems, everybody just gives up and says [it’s a] callous,” said the patient. “I’m hoping Dr. Ebonie can help us figure out what this really is.”

The patient whose brother has the ailment goes on to tell the doctor that her feet smell like “stinky peanut butter” when she sweats and tells a story of a distant relative who was “cursed” while caught in a cheating scandal.

“A great great grandmother was cheating with someone else’s husband and the wife was coming home, so she had to run out barefoot. So she ran into the wife and they put a curse on her feet because she was barefoot and running away.” 

Season 4 of ‘My Feet Are Killing Me’ premiered Wednesday, May 4 at 9/8c on TLC.

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