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Source: Tim Nwachukwu / Getty

Dave Chappelle is offering up a gesture of goodwill to mass shooting victims. The renowned but controversial comedian recently revealed that he will be donating his show sales to the families of victims of the Buffalo massacre.

TMZ reports that Chappelle is donating the funds from the show he had in Buffalo this past weekend. And he’s not giving just a fraction of the proceeds, he’s giving it all up.

Payton Gendron has been in custody since the shooting, which left 10 people dead, mostly elders of the community.

The 18-year-old, racist gunman who targeted the supermarket specifically because it was in a Black neighborhood has been indicted on a domestic terrorism charge (Domestic Acts of Terrorism Motivated by Hate in the First Degree) amongst other charges including murder and weapons possession.

Nevertheless, Gendron has please guilty, but don’t count on that twerp ever getting out jail.

Recently, Chappelle was attacked on stage. The assaulter has since claimed he was angry at the comedian over a transphobic joke, and ended up catching a fade for his trouble.


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