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Robert "Bobby" E. Crimo III, Highland Park, Illinois July 4 parade shooting suspect

Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III, Highland Park, Illinois July 4 parade shooting suspect. | Source: Twitter

What is it about men named Bill who manage to be sanctimonious as hell while being accused abusers of women?

No, this story isn’t about Bill Cosby, it’s about Bill O’Reilly—which is wild because I had no idea O’Reilly was still alive. But apparently, O’Reilly is still breathing his breath—which I can only imagine smells like white supremacy and earring backs—and he’s still a bloviating mass of bigotry and uncontrolled white man anger sitting in front of a camera and barking at a world in which he’s no longer relevant. 

So, there’s a video clip floating around Twitter that shows O’Reilly berating Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker while reporting for, well, whatever platform O’Reilly is reporting for these days. (Seriously, is it Newsmax? OANN? Is O’Reilly just sitting in his own green room in a suit jacket and his drawers shouting at a camera and tripod frustrated because the ladies at the Klan-delions Senior Home won’t return his calls?)

Clearly, O’Reilly is not O’Kay.

The former Fox News anchor’s angry white-atribe was in response to Pritzker addressing the Highland Park mass shooting at a news conference, during which he talked about the danger of guns and called mass shootings a “weekly event.”

O’Reilly responded by predictably deflecting to violence in Chicago because conservatives never stray from their script of strawman arguments and white nationalist narratives they pretend aren’t racist.

Of course, O’Reilly is barely even pretending anymore.

“You won’t stop crimedrug crime, drug gangsbecause they are minority gangs!” he shouted hysterically like a server had just messed up his Cracker Barrel order. “That’s why you won’t stop’em, you phony. YOU aid and abet this murder in Chicago every blankin’ day. YOU. Don’t be sanctimonious with me!”

First of all, Pritzker wasn’t talking to or about O’Reilly, so I’m not sure where the “don’t be sanctimonious with me” part even came from. (Maybe O’Reilly thinks he’s a gun. I mean, he is old, rusty and full of powder, and he does disproportionately fire off at Black people.)

Secondly, the issue of mass shootings—where people (and by “people,” I mostly mean “white men”) kill at random—is a different issue from gang violence. Yes, they both need attention, but they can’t be addressed as a singular issue of general violence. When there’s a mass shooting that makes national headlines, the governor of the state where it happens has to address it. O’Reilly has been in journalism far too long to be pretending he doesn’t know this.

Not to mention the fact that Chicago isn’t even in the top 25 cities with the highest murder rates. (Numerous cities in red states are. Miami Gardens is listed at No. 12, but I don’t see O’Racist rattling his cane at Ron DeSantis.) 

But none of that really matters because O’Reilly just needed to be heard shouting at the top of his lungs about “Chicago” and “minority gangs” like the racist grandpa white progressives are afraid to invite to Thanksgiving dinner.

Did I mention this guy is an accused woman abuser?


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