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Tino SZN interview

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Tino SZN just dropped a new album called “Sentient”. The Gastonia, NC native loves what he’s doing and the start of his promising career.

SZN talked about the process of the album and why he it dropped on July 22.

He said that the process wasn’t quick and he started in the November of 2021. He mentioned he had to go back to the drawing board, something he had to do when it came to redoing certain records to put his best foot forward.

“I started on this album November of last year, right after I dropped my project four seasons. So it’s like ever since then, you know, this album went through a few versions.”

Many are calling the 18-year-old a young phenom. Tino SZN thought it was crazy yet humbling that people are calling him that so early in his career. He claims that it’s surreal.

“It’s kind of surreal at first. But as time goes on, you get used to it. So it was kind of like, okay, this part of my brand now like, Okay, I need to figure out how to capitalize off of this at this point. This is kind of cool.”


Tino SZN grew up around the Charlotte area, just up the street in Gastonia. Outside of rap and school, Tino was also really into football. Before he became serious with rapping he was a star athlete on the field.

“Outside of sports, that stopped once COVID, then that’s when I really liked him when music. I started music in 2018, but just never really, it was like always on the back burner. It’s kind of like a 5050 thing with what I was doing around the time, all the way up until COVID, then that’s when it became full time.”

Now fully into the rap game, Tino SZN dropped his newest project “Sentient.” He shared the decision behind the title.

“Sentient, the definition of that is being able to feel or perceive things. So that’s that’s pretty much the whole concept of the album, be able to feel it.”

More on the concept of Tino SZN album:

“There’s music that you could feel, there’s music for any situation on that album. That’s why it’s so versatile. Even got a pop song on there. Got club-type songs on it. So there’s music for any feeling any vibe.”



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