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Charlotte native, repping the eastside, Reuben Vincent is a young star with a rap flow and delivery comparable to Nas, Common and other lyrists similar.

Reuben started rapping at an early age. Before deciding to use his government as his stage name, he was going by Eas$ide Tha Don. At 13 years old he chose the nickname and as he got older he was influenced by his friend to go by his real name.

” He was like, think about Kanye West. Think about Kendrick Lamar. Like, he was like, these people will use their real names. He was like, you can do the same.”

Most recently Reuben has been working on his EP ‘Love Is War’ after signing with the record label Roc Nation.  In June, he dropped is new single “Look What You Did” featuring Sonny Miles. He said one of he’s homies heard the beat and thought it would fit Reuben. In the song, he talks about his relationship with his dad and also shares how the collaboration with Sonny Milles came about.

“Sonny Miles man, he’s a he’s a talented singer, songwriter even rap some times from Winston Salem. He’s a new artist as well,” He continued.

” I just poured my heart out into it. And just be as honest as I could, you know, especially in the second verse. Just being transparent about a relationship I have with my father.”


Also a huge moment for the 21-year-old rapper, Pusha T’s tour stopped in Charlotte and brought Reuben along to perform. He talked about what it was like to perform in front of a sold-out crowd in his hometown.

“Being blessed to get on stage with Push, like push was one of the rap Gods. He’s been in the game for over 20 years. It just keep leveling up. Keep leveling up with the album’s and for him to bring me along,” he expressed.  “And to go out there and just see the reaction. It just, it just made me feel good and know that I was doing something right, not just for myself, but for my city.

Reuben is known to reps his city and passionately speaks about how he was raised.

His first album titled ‘Myers Park’ was named after the high school he graduated from in south Charlotte. He missed his senior prom to attend an event to meet one of his idols, Kendrick Lamar.

“I named it to put awareness on the racism and talk about the police brutality. And I don’t even think a lot of people caught that,” he said.  “I was putting awareness on the school like, look you’re doing to black boys like me.”  He continued, “senior prom I was always, I always sacrifice my summers to go to the studio sacrifice.”

With a flow and delivery similar to Kendrick Lamar, Nas and those of that nature, Rueben lyricism is different than what rap mainstream is today. Some people call it mumble rap.

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Reuben Vincent

Source: Roc Nation / Radio One Digital

The Charlotte native spoke about the challenge faced breaking into the industry that’s different from his style of rap.

“There’s challenges that come with it, but I have absolute faith that I’m gonna break through because I have confidence in the music that I make and the work that I put in. So it’s gonna take a little bit of time.”

He even quoted a famous line Jay-Z said in a past interview, “You rather be a trend or Ralph Lauren?

Rueben is seeking to be Ralph Lauren. He also has aspirations to be more than just a rapper. He mentioned he wants to get into acting and more.

“I’m trying to expand not just in music, but expanding other arts. You know, I’m saying as much as I’m passionate about music, I’m passionate about sneakers. I’m passionate about clothes. I am going to get into acting. So you know people gonna see more of my face.”

Big things to come for the young artist. Stay tuned.

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