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We took a break from Love and Hip-Hop New York for a second, but we’re back. The last episode we saw left off at Karl’s boxing event. Safaree thought he was going to help Sophia get Jaquae back, but Jaquae has moved on. He’s with Kiyanne, a new rapper tender he has been hanging out with.

Their meeting is as awkward as you’d expect. The sight of Sophia makes Kiyanne feel froggy, especially when Sophia attempts to apologize to Jaquae, so of course, Kiyanne starts going in on Sophia immediately. Sophia gives the attitude right back and then, Kiyann turns up the base in her voice and makes her move to throw hands, but you know security shut that down. Love and Hip-Hop security don’t play.

Yandy tells Remy Ma, Jonathan, and Juju that she’s planning some hurricane relief activities in St. Maarten/St. Martin and she wants them to be involved. They seem with it. Then Yandy says she wants to invite Bri, Mariahlynn, Dreamdoll and Bianca too, but they have to make peace first. Yup, Yandy is going to try to call a peace talk. Because peace talks are aways successful on this show.


MariahLynn feels so isolated that she reaches out to Rich Dollaz of all people. They left off on a dramaful note (the whole Cisco love triangle thing) the last time we saw them, but apparently, they’re cool again. She tells Rich Dollaz about all her issues with DJ Self, Dreamdoll, Bri, etc. MariahLynn wants Rich Dollaz to drop Bri as a client. Rich isn’t going to drop Bri just because MariahLynn says so, but he does agree to at least talk to Bri, which he does. Later on he tells Bri to tone down the bird behavior and Bri seems receptive to it, but not really because she’s gonna be back at it during the peace talk. You’ll see.

Jonathan meets up with his sister, Jasmine. He says he moved back to NYC because he felt disconnected from his family, but he has felt disconnected from his family for a long time and his sister never knew why. He explains that his mother sent him to the Dominican Republic when he was 10 for conversion therapy. Then he details the abuse he experienced while there. It’s all terrible and he comes to tears having to recall it again. His sister didn’t really know what happened to him while there. They hug it out, but he was obviously very traumatized. He mentions that he told his mom wanted to go home while there, but she told him to stay because she didn’t want kids picking on him anymore. Basically, his mom thought she was making the right decision and this is where some of the family tension is coming from. Jasmine tells him he needs to talk to his mom so she’ll understand why he feels some type of way about her. Later on, he confronts his mother about all of this. She explains, once again, that sent him to conversion thinking it would help and that she also didn’t know about the abuse Jonathan experienced. Jonathan rehashes his experience again and she comes to tears because she genuinely didn’t know. It’s hard to watch, but necessary.


Lil’ Mo confronts Karl about his secret Instagram behavior. She’s still hurt about that. Karl says his management said he needed an IG for business and to keep his fans in the know, which is actually true for public figures in 2018, but then he says he didn’t even know he blocked her.


Raise your hand if you’ve ever blocked someone.


You know dang well Karl wasn’t having an outer body experience when he went to Lil’ Mo’s page and hit the block button. And let’s not act like was an assistant or social media manager behind this either.


Anyway, he shows up later on with some flowers and apologizes. He says he wants his best friend back and that’s enough for Lil’ Mo to forgive him. Hopefully, he’s serious this time. Then again, she’s the one that has to deal with him. So…


The episode winds down with Remy and Yandy mediating their peace talk between Bianca and Mariahlynn on one side and Bri and Dreamdoll on the other side. Let’s cut to the chase. It doesn’t go well. At. All.

Actually we end with Bianca running up on Bri, again. Next week, the brawl is going to get even bigger because Mariahlynn and Dreamdoll get involved.

They’re probably still going to try to make St. Maarten happen though. You know they have to do some disingenuous charity work and pretend that their petty behavior doesn’t matter while people are out here suffering (but narcissists only care about themselves, so…)


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