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Doechii Interview

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How does it feel to be you? The question asked around Tik Tok and the rest of the world by Top Dawg Entertainment’s first female rapper Doechii.

The 24-year-old from Tampa, Florida has style, finesse, and the charisma to match. She talks about her hit single “Persuasive”, her link-up with Rico Nasty and what she’s been obsessed with lately.

She spoke about how it feels to be in her in this moment of life and why she never took the chicken out, referencing a line from her song “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake.” We can all relate.

“You know how that goes. You get home from school your mom and tell you to take the chicken out and you. I forgot every time. You fall asleep, you doze off, get on the computer. So the chicken never gets taken out of my household.”

Now signed to Top Dawg Entertainment, Doechii expressed the feeling of being the first female rapper and what it truly means to her.

“I really felt a passion to carry on the legacy of TDE especially as the first female rapper and I feel a huge opportunity to open up a lot of doors for the next female rapper that’s on TDE after me,” Doechii said.


After making her mark as a strong performer on the Jimmy Fallon Show and the BET Awards, the Tampa, FL native gave insight into her process before a major performance.

“Jimmy Fallon, for example, the swamp theme, I really wanted to push and continue to solidify myself as the swamp princess to represent my city. So I chose a futuristic approach to that and it’s a lot of rehearsing, and a lot of intention and detail and passion.”

Doechii talked about her new EP “She/Her/Black B*tch” and why she took the direct approach with the title of the project.

“I came up with those pronouns because the word b*tch and black b*tch, particularly, people use them to try to oppress me for a long time, but actually found that a certain type of archetype that resonates with the word black b*tch, and I feel like I represent that archetype,” she expressed. “So I’m just reclaiming my power, and honestly, just celebrating the archetype of the black bi*tch, that meaning changes for me every day.”

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She also talked about why her hit single “Persuasive” is important and the trajectory that moved her career.

“I think that also, it’s opened up a lot of doors for me performance-wise. Performing on TV, for sync opportunities, for commercials, and things like that. So that song just has a timeless feel. And I think it has the potential to be a classic record,” Doechii shared.

Her label mate, SZA has blessed the single but Doechii revealed what artist she would like to collab with and or produce her album.

Docehii said, “Imagine Kanye as an artist and as a creative is extremely powerful. And I think he’s a great executive producer and his concepts. So I would really let him run wild all over my album. Imagine Kanye making a house album.”

Doechii has much more in store for her future and vision. “Next is an album and I mean immediately next is Afro-punk,” she shared.

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