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If there’s one celebrity you probably shouldn’t spread rumors about, it’s Cardi B. Beside the fact that she just recently shot to skyrocket success, she’s just a regular, degular, schmegular gal…so she’ll see those rumors online and will go right to her Instagram or Twitter to set everything straight.

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One rumor that started swirling after the Grammys was that the Bronx queen ignored some Make-A-Wish Foundation kids that were on the red carpet before the ceremony. This story came from someone tweeting out the allegations, claiming he was right behind the children the whole time and saw it all happen.

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In a now-deleted Instagram, post, Cardi tried to set the record straight by basically saying she was super busy and late for her soundcheck, and that she went back to take a picture when she could. Things get pretty crazy on red carpets and as one of the hugest stars and nominees there that night, it’s possible she didn’t see/hear the kids, or that her team was rushing her past in order to get inside.

The man who initially created the rumor is still on Twitter claiming that Cardi is lying, but nobody will really know the true story beside Cardi B. How can someone prove why she walked past fans and if she even saw them at all? Especially with how busy the event was paired with her being a new act who probably isn’t used to juggling fan interactions and interviews.

What do y’all think?

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