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On tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Miami Bobby Lytes wants to get Jeffrey back. Remember how Bobby smacked fire out of Jeffrey after spotting him with Malik? Yeah, well, Jeffrey was rightfully pissed off (even though he ain’t no good either), so we’ll see how this goes.

Scrappy is in town and pays Shay. He says he’s sorry for what he put her through when they were together (like proposing to Erica, for example) and that she’s the only one who understands him.


Shay is still hurt by what he did to her so you can tell she’s eating this up. They’re not trying to get back together anytime soon, but didn’t Scrappy just marry Bambi…like last year while this was taping? Does Bambi not understand him?


Malik finally comes out of the closet to Prince in light of all the drama he has been going through. Prince is really cool about it and says his secret is safe because Malik hasn’t even told his family yet even though this is all on national television.


But when has any secret ever been safe with anyone in the world of reality TV?

Anyway, Veronica meets up with Jojo because she feels some type of way about her telling Amara that they were talking smack about her. In Veronica’s mind, they weren’t throwing Amara under the bus. Then Jojo mentions that Amara told her what Veronica said about her too. In case you don’t recall, Veronica said she can’t hang out with a girl like Jojo because Jojo is rich, bourgie and probably thinks she’s cute. Veronica owns up to it but has the nerve to say that Amara was wrong for spilling that tea to Jojo.


Jojo refuses to apologize because let’s be real, Veronica is really the one who is dead wrong. She has been fake to Veronica and Jojo. The convo takes a turn when Veronica starts getting loud to deflect from the fact that she’s wrong. Jojo tells Veronica that she’s a millionaire and has a lot to lose so she’s not going to hit her. Actually, the quote was, “I am a millionaire. To slap you will cost me money”.


Somebody put that on a t-shirt!

Anyway, Veronica keeps poking. In the end, Jojo ends up tossing a drink on Veronica and Veronica tries to pop off because she makes it clear that she has nothing to lose, but you know that Love and Hip-Hop Miami security is on it.

So, Scrappy is gallivanting around Miami and ends up with his boys, as well as Chinese Kitty and her mom, Chinese Nicky. They’re having innocent banter about Scrappy helping Kitty with her music, but Scrappy ends up taking a selfie with Nicky. You know Shay is going to see it and yeah, this is about to be ridiculous, but this won’t come back up until next week’s episode.

Bobby Lytes invites Jeffrey to a romantic day at an empty strip club. It’s just the two of them and Bobby made sure to decorate with candles and even spelled “I’m sorry” around a pole with rose petals. Bobby begs for forgiveness and Jeffrey accepts his apology, but he says he and Bobby are officially done and leaves Bobby in tears. Seriously, you know Bobby is dramatic. Jeffrey literally leaves him like:


Malik meets up with Jeffrey, later on, to tell him how he told Prince that he was gay. Jeffrey is proud of Malik for coming out because Malik was just at Prince’s party pretending to be straight. Cheers to living in your truth!

Malik isn’t that relieved yet. He’s still afraid of losing clients and general mistreatment that might come with this once more people know he’s out. He comes to tears because this is all still very overwhelming and Jeffrey comforts his boo.

The episode ends with Trina and Dawn (also known for Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta) attempting to mediate a peace talk between Joy and Trick Daddy, who have been still married but separated for eons. Joy says she wants to officially end their marriage. Trick Daddy gets upset and says she’ll get her divorce, but there’s no need to talk about this, and he leaves. And in his confessional, he declares that he is back on the market. Watch out, ladies.


No Amara La Negra this entire episode, booooo. But she’ll be back next week.


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