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  In today’s Kanye did you know news did you know Kanye West and wife and his ex girlfriend Amber Rose share the same birth date? AWWWWKKKKWARD!!!!! Mind is blown today both ladies celebrate their birthday Today Amber Rose turns 36, and his current wife Kim turns 39. Amber has recently given birthday to her […]

  The #ChewyTakeOver wants to send a big happy birthday shout out to Yella Beezy who is a Dallas native and a huge Cowboys fan. This year shall be interesting with the bet between Chewy and him. Our questions is do you think the Cowboys will win the Super Bowl?

It looks like Mike Posner must have been wearing designer shades while running across country in his dad’s honor who recently passed away. Mike was running through Colorado when a wild rattle snake jumped at him releasing venom. Mike was flew from the scene to the hospital where he made it in time for him […]

  It looks like Chris Brown has yet again switched up the tempo with his new feature with Davido! The Nigerian native Davido tapped Chris Brown with a feature request coming off the heels of his mega run Davido is easily one of the hottest artist out right now to see this combination is no […]

Looks like Rapper Desiigner has been making an attempt to relevancy again with first it tried to break the internet with a fake gun shooting with fellow New York recording artist Casanova But now it is reported the rapper has came out to claims he spends 20k a month on Uber!!!! Which is insane our […]

  The Wzrd Future has officially spoke and wants no parts to the story of his security guard being ambushed by a group of goons!  

  Man oh man! Future found himself watching a scuffle with his body guard and an apparent UFC Street fighter! Now to Future’s security guard fairness it was a sneak shot that put the apparent six foot plus and 280 plus Security not much to say but WOW! Seems like Future is un-bothered  

  If you don’t know by now Chewy is on a mission to TAKEOVER EVERY school in the city but we have one question what school should Chewy and his homie Calboy pull up too? Calboy is one of hip-hop’s newest faces and has broken on to the scene with his new song “Envy Me”. […]

  Rumors are speculating that Chewy was not going to do his Annual High School Pop-Up Guess what? That is WRONG! February 18th Chewy and 92.7 The Block is invading the most LIT high school with YNW Melly! Voting STARTS NOW! Be Sure to follow @927TheBlock and @iamCHEWY5 for more details and Good Luck! Right […]

    Looks like Rocky River with the first school selected for Chewy to pop up at this year. It’s no secret the connection between the student body of Rocky River and Chewy. Over the summer the school lost someone close to Rocky River, former student and basketball player “Mikey best known as Boogie”. Also […]