About Cam Cooper

Cam Cooper Started with Radio One in February 2007 as a board operator at Cleveland's WERE-AM before transitioning to On Air Talent and morning show producer on WENZ-FM Z107.9. In June 2010 Cooper was then promoted to Imaging Director and On Air talent for the Radio One Richmond, VA Cluster. Cooper was quickly added as the evening 7p - Midnight on-air talent on WCDX iPower 92.1, then promoted to Afternoon Drive. In September 2019 Cam accepted a position with Radio One Philadelphia to become Imaging Director and On Air Talent where he remained until being sidelined temporarily due to the global pandemic.

Cam has created an eating the lifestyle brand #CAMvsFOOD which highlights the local, and national culinary world with digital and physical events. With his passion for community, Cam was able to grow his lifestyle brand to new heights and created #CAMvsHunger to combat the food insufficiencies in under privileged areas with Food Drives and more. As a creative services producer, Cam Cooper was instrumental in bringing in multiple awards and accolades from the Virginia Association of Broadcasters for his imaging, and production efforts.

Aye. They trippin on Capitol Hill again…. This time. It’s about the budget. If the house can’t come to an agreement on the spending budget by October 18th, 2021. The Government will once again… Shut down…. This time they’re saying this collapse will be catastrophic. Social security, Food stamps, Child tax credits, and military pay […]

I love to see it. So the story goes. A man went out and got drunk with his friends and disappeared. His friends contacted authorities, who later organized a search party. While out searching everyone was screaming his name. Only for him to emerge from the crowd drunk and say. “Hey, are you looking for […]

  Porsha Williams just added her name to the list of cast members that wont be returning to the Real House Wives of Atlanta. This is followed by the news that Cynthia Williams will also not be returning for next season. Are you ready for a whole vibe of the real housewives ?

This is definitely the biggest talk of the week. The Covid - 19 vaccination deadline for most employees that work for companies with over 100 employees, is pretty much now.

I saw this post earlier and it got me thinkin…. Who really had the best 90’s theme song? Now there’s different parts of this. Me being a 90’s kid, I have to include cartoons as well as sitcoms so here we go !   These were my favorite TV shows growing up ! My all […]

Wait what? As we all know the rapper has been pretty much a model citizen since his arrest 2.5 years ago. Well it turns up, that very incident is why he's being charged.

We all know by now about the tragic, and untimely passing of actor Michael K Williams. It was reported that drugs were found at his scene of death. According to TMZ . The actor passed away from an Overdose of Heroine, and Fentanyl. Williams is the latest of members of our community to fall to […]

Imagine you’re grief shruken… You lost your Mom…. And you’re trying to get through the process. Only to get to the funeral home to view your mom one final time. And it’s not your mom in the casket. Welp that happened to one North Carolina Family…… Two sisters claimed that there was a complete different […]

I love this guy @Eatwitzo because of his motto. He Starts every tutorial video off by saying “Alright lets make something out of Nothing” And Seeing that it’s fall and football season. Queso Dip is mandatory. Check out the video below and ENJOY ! Steak & Jalapeño queso 🥩🧀 Enjoy! Full Ingredients used: 3 small […]

Being a native Clevelander, I felt obligated to watch this Drink Champs with the legendary Krazy Bone. Comparable to the rest of the group, I would say Krazy had the most commercial success outside of the group. I love Drink Champs because it shed light from a different angle. As a journalist you mostly ask […]