When we aren't rapping along to her poppy tunes, we're fascinated by her natural curls.

Britni Ricards, CEO and founder, of Cota Skin is a boss babe leaving her mark on the beauty industry with her 24k approach to Black skincare.

Rihanna's curly natural hair was poppin' thanks to products featured in her new Fenty Hair line.

Rihanna was all smiles as she showed off her latest creation, Fenty Hair, and the juicy effect it has on her natural mane.

Since the sighting, photos of the Savage Fenty mogul have taken the internet by storm, with fans applauding her natural slay. Rihanna, a constant source of hair inspiration, has once again captivated us with her style choices.

The beauty mogul opened her doors on June 6, and from the pictures, everybody who was anybody was there to witness the debut.

Rihanna is the latest celebrity to enter the haircare industry with the announcement of her upcoming Fenty Hair.

Now, we all know Glorilla isn't afraid to be bold. From her lyrics and fashion to her accent and music delivery, she is unapologetically herself. Her recent action is further proof of that.

Rihanna announces new hair line under her infamous Fenty Beauty umbrella. Read more about Rihanna’s newest venture Fenty Hair inside.

Rihanna's fresh take on the doobie with her braided look will surely have the girlies adding to their mood boards, the braiders' fingers going crazy, and the haters talking. But when it comes to Rihanna, we are not surprised.