Cam Newton won 48 out of 50 votes to win the NFL’s most prestigious award. Newton who has faced a sea of criticism for his oversized personalities, is the first Panther to ever win the award. Arizona quarterback Carson Palmer and New England quarterback Tom Brady, neither of whom are playing the Super Bowl, each […]

Students at Polo Ridge Elementary School in South Charlotte created a song a music video to show their support for the Carolina Panthers. The entire school participated in the project. The students, with the help of staff, used the melody of Walk By The Moon’s “Shut Up And Dance” to create the song.

With the haters that Cam Newton‘s has had to deal with all season, this Superbowl is sure to be a big deal for all of us…

The Panthers are on their way to the Super Bowl but people can’t stop speaking on Cam Newton, and him being a “black quarter back” and he is TIRED!! Check out what the MVP had to say: RIHANNA’S “ANTI” ALBUM!! DRAKE AND LIL WAYNE’S FUNNY SUPERBOWL COMMERCIAL!! *** CHECK OUT  DJ ANGELBABY M-F 10 AM – 3PM ON […]

Cam Newton is a rap fan. All the evidence points to it. Well, at least two pieces of evidence point to it. Before heading to San Fran last week, Cam interrupted Young Thug’s interview with Chewy of 92.7 The Block. Clearly, if you got the man on speed dial you all are homies and you are […]

Professional athletes have it all: star power, talent, money, and of course, beautiful women.

Because nothing is more hilariously adorable than professional athletes attempting style their daughters' hair.

In case you have not been listing to any radio station that plays R&B or Hip Hop Bryson Tiller is one of the hottest artist underneath the sun right now! Tiller’s TrapSoul mixtape has generated soo much love people look at it as an album. Fresh on the scene with his hit record “Don’t” with […]

Cam Newton has kept pretty busy this week leading up to his first-ever Super Bowl appearance, but he still found the time to do a good deed.

"I think his passion, his enthusiasm for the game, I think it’s great. I think it’s good for football," Manning said of Newton.