The most recent bill brings back the six-month minimum for the remainder of 2023 before deciding on nine months minimum.

“We urge visitors not to dig deep holes on the beach due to the danger they present to beachgoers and emergency response staff,” the park service said.

A North Carolina State Trooper died after being struck by a car during a traffic stop Monday, according to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. State Highway Patrol said just before 9 PM Monday State Trooper John Horton was conducting a traffic stop in Rutherford Country, a few miles from Cleveland County. Fellow Trooper, […]

A lot of cities around the country may have canceled or scaled back their New Year’s Eve plans but North Carolina’s capital celebration will still go on. Raleigh’s famous acorn with still be dropping at midnight on December 31 downtown at the City Plaza. The city of Raleigh announced restrictions to keep the event safe. […]

The current minimum wage in North Carolina is at $7.25 and the wage will remain the same statewide and for 20 other states in 2022. 2022 will bring a pay raise to 25 states along with Washington D.C. will be raising the minimum wage next year, by varying amounts. The largest increases will be in […]

Some states have instituted fees for plastic bags in grocery stores, restaurants and more. Just one city in North Carolina has considered implementing this. As of right now, only Durham residents could soon be charged 10 cents for using a single-use, plastic bag. The tax would apply to restaurants, grocery stores, drugstores, retailers and more. […]

There was not alot of holiday travel this time last year due to the pandemic and stay-at-home order in 2020. This year AAA is predicting the road and air travel will be crowded. More than 109 million Americans are predicted to travel for the holidays and 35% more North Carolinians than 2020. AAA says the […]

Trinity Bethune, a 21-year-old Black woman from North Carolina, unfortunately found herself as the butt of a racially insensitive joke after the dealership she bought her first car from thought it would be humorous to thank her with a Facebook post that read, "Congratulations to Bon Quisha on her 2016 Toyota Camry."


“We had a thousand new cases a day reported yesterday and today," Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mandy Cohen said Thursday. "That’s more than three times the number of cases we were seeing just two weeks ago." She went on to say the agency believes the spike of cases is due to the Fourth of July holiday. A majority of those as the Delta variant, first discovered in India.  


The data shows North Carolina's birth rate fell by 3.1%, which is still above the national average that declined by 3.8%. One reason for the lack new population growth could be due to the timing of the pandemic coming early in 2020. A little over 100,000 live births were record in the state last year, down from 118,000 in 2019.