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You can always count on Legally Hype to give us a break down on all the legal news going on in the world around us. The viral content creator taps in with The Morning Hustle. This week we dive into the continued rise of inflation in the United States, an update on Trump’s Maralago raid, […]

It's the rise of the single, lonely man so let's cue the violins. Plus, Lizzo claps back at the 'fat shamers', while Taye Diggs shares his love for his boo April Love. Do you need new friends that will gift you with stacks of cash? Find out how much Lil Baby gave his friend James Harden for his birthday.

Lore’l has the LO Down on all the trending topics this week! First up, Jackson Mississippi is still suffering from a water crisis that is preventing access to clean drinking water! The city was already under a boil water notice since July. Now many residents experience no water coming out of their faucets or water […]

Imagine you and your friends are on a trip celebrating your birthday and someone sends over a slice of cake to your table. You look around and see Nas, toasting you on YOUR birthday!

Ne-Yo is allegedly involved in a four-way relationship and the drama continues to unfold. Diddy and Jermaine Dupri finally agree to go hit for hit and we are here for it. Plus, would you post a $1 million bail on your significant other?

Rising rap sensation King Combs speaks candidly on how being the son of Diddy plays out when it comes to auditioning and clearing samples. 

He released videos for Big Time, Party All The Time, It Ain't Safe, Keep Going and These Streets Know My Name.

Ari Fletcher's Lamborghini truck is on its way to getting repossessed as a result of her breakup with Moneybagg Yo and TMH discusses.

In an interview a recent interview, Megan Thee Stallion was confirmed as the newest member of the famed Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Morning Hustle discusses the controversy of an appropriate dating age range. Listeners chime in and share their stories on age gaps.