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5 Anti-Vax Protestors Arrested By NYPD After Storming NYC Burger King

Source: NurPhoto / Getty

Five anti-vaxxers decided a whopper and fries is worth going to jail over.

Monday night (Dec.27), five maskless individuals were filmed storming into a Brooklyn Burger King location to protest New York City’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates. The individuals can be seen in the video screaming at employees who refused to serve them at the fast-food restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn.

According to NYC’s mandates, patrons must show proof of vaccination to dine indoors. The NYPD was eventually called after the group of bozos repeatedly refused to leave. Mitchell Bosch, 41, one of the five “protestors” taken into police custody, has a history of protesting food establishments enforcing the law that protects workers and customers. Bosch was already arrested twice this month for staging similar protests at a Cheesesteak Factory and Applebee’s.

In the video, Bosch can be seen yelling at his fellow knuckleheads to “hold the line.” In the clip, some people can be heard by viewers shouting “shame on you” at the cops as they handcuffed the protestors claiming they did nothing wrong.

“Bosch and four others — Michael Mitchell, 36, Augusto Alarcon, 39, Ethan Boisvert, 41, and Bradford Solomon, 44 — were all charged with trespassing and remaining unlawfully inside the Burger King,” and will be issued desk tickets the New York Post reports.

Twitter has been having a field day with the foolishness, clowning these nincompoops for going to such great lengths for food items they can easily order through Grubhub. One user replied to the video, “Y’all really got arrested over a Whopper and mask?”


It’s behavior like this that is driving the continued spread of COVID-19. You can peep more reactions to the foolishness in the gallery below.

Photo: NurPhoto / Getty

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