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January is nearly over – and it’s time to be honest. While I started the new year off with good intentions, I am already second-guessing some of my fashion resolutions. Luckily, my social media feed shows me I’m not the only one.

As a fashion lover, I began the year re-evaluating my closet. Out with the old and in with the new – think about the fashionistas who purge pieces every time they get something new in. I’m that girl. 

Well, I try to be.

Some pieces just have staying power – and for good reason. They are bold, sophisticated and timeless. They are the statements pieces that grab everyone’s attention when you go out, make you second guess if you want to share where you got them from when people ask, and simply feel good and make you smile.

Every fashion lover should have a good mix of these staples in his or her closets. Especially as you kick off the new year, manifest abundance and your soft life, and define who you will be in 2023.

To help with these goals and intentions, below you will find a list of five statement pieces you must have in your closet this year. Whether you are team “new year new me,” purging your closet or growing it, or just elevating your style as we continue to return outside following the pandemic, this list provides key essentials and new trends to remind everyone that you are THAT girl.

5 Powerful Statement Pieces To Tap Into 2023 Style Trends  was originally published on

1. Sheer Fabric Everything

Sheer Fabric Everything Source:Getty

Showing our melanin skin has been a trend for a while. In 2022, we saw dresses and pants with interesting cut outs, the emergence of crop tops and mini skirts for every size, and see through bodycons. This year will be no different as sheer fabrics have moved their way into all parts of fashion from trench coats and pants to gowns and turtlenecks and everything in between.

Whether you are on the red carpet or walking the streets, in 2023 there is a way for everyone to make a statement with this trend in a more elevated and elegant way. If you are hesitant to go all in, start with adding one layer, such as a cute sheer jacket or a sheer skirt with high boots and a slip underneath. Wearing sheer fabrics that match your skin tone will also take your look to the next level – providing a nude moment you will never want to take off.

The good thing about new sheer pieces is that they are also seasonless. As layering pieces, they work in the fall and cool weather and shine on their own in the spring and summer. See how Canadian actress, Taylor Russell wore the look this month in Paris.

2. Hooded, Hidden and Mysterious

Hooded, Hidden and Mysterious Source:Getty

Let’s get right to it: Hooded fashion is having a moment. If you want proof, check fashion it girl, Lori Harvey’s Instagram page. The newly turned 26-year old actress was seen wearing the trend several times in 2022 – and it doesn’t seem like the look is going anywhere.

Providing a hint of mystery and seductiveness, hooded dresses give wearers a playful way to wear a slinky favorite. Hoods instantly add interest, depth, and drama to any outfit – not to mention they can be a fun crown to your head and add protection from inclement weather.

The look can be dressed up with strappy heels with a floor-length or a midi skirt, or dressed down in a mini version with knee high boots or sneakers. Anyway, you choose to wear it, you will be making a statement. The key to pulling off this look, however, is the fit of the dress and the choice of fabric.

When choosing to go with this look, search for luxe fabrics like satin or mesh and take the dress to the tailor to make sure it fits you like a glove. This statement piece is definitely for the girl who wants to set trends and stand out this year, so lean into the look and have fun.

3. Exaggerate Your Outfit, Add a Belt

Exaggerate Your Outfit, Add a Belt Source:Getty

There are several reasons to add a statement belt to your closet this year – and most of the reasons center around proportion, fit, and finesse. Think of looks from some of your favorite Instagram and Tik Tok fashionistas or go-to celebrity style slayers. More times than not, their everyday looks are finished off with a belt. Without the belt, the look would have just been ordinary, unfinished, or not as flattering on the body.

Once you pay attention to the “belt factor,” you will see how powerful this accessory can be.

When incorporating it in 2023, look for belts that are grand, ornate, and detailed on their own. That way the belt can turn a simple dress into a full-blown outfit, or a well-tailored suit into a showstopper. Wide black belts with gold and silver details are fashion bloggers’ favorite, colorful belts provide contrast or symmetry to a monochromatic look, and tied belts can cinch the waist and provide a more modern flair.

Check out how Jurnee Smollett put her spin on this statement accessory by wearing the belt unbuckled.

4. Be Bold in 2023 with a New Blazer

Be Bold in 2023 with a New Blazer Source:Getty

A well-tailored, classic blazer will always be a wardrobe staple. What gives this traditional favorite true wow factor is the addition of a bold print, color, fabric, or combination of all three.

When looking to add a new blazer to your wardrobe, look for geometric or floral prints, bright colors such as lavender or neon green, fun adornments such as rhinestone fringe or fur cuffs, and/or funky fabrics like metallic or faux leather. The blazer is a go-to for a reason: Once you add it to anything from jeans to sweatpants to a pencil skirt, you will instantly be put together and able to showcase your individual style. Invest in one that will stand the test of time.

If you’re not looking to purchase a new one but want to rehab an old one, have a conversation with your local tailor or seamstress. Change out the buttons that came with the jacket for more exaggerated ones and/or add trimmings to the bottom of the blazer, cuffs, or shoulders. These subtle changes will go a long way and give you the bold look you seek.

5. Create the Wow in Wide Leg Pants

Create the Wow in Wide Leg Pants Source:Getty

The emergence – or continuance of (depending on who you ask) – of the wide-leg silhouette pant is one of the most comfortable fashion trends for 2023. Not only do they make a strong statement no matter how you wear them, but they can also be worn to work, while running errands, to a gala, or to bed. There is literally a wide leg pant right now for every part of a fashion lover’s life. To that end, there is no shortage of places to buy new wide leg pants at an affordable price, thrift a vintage pair from a consignment shop, or splurge on a high priced version. The silhouette can be worn cuffed, high waisted, in denim, silk, or cotton, in every color and print imaginable, and in every size. So have fun with this trend, dig out your old ones, and/or purchase a few pair to make a statement this year. Pro Tip: Add a platform shoe for an extra edge or wear the wide leg pants with your aforementioned bold blazer for a wow factor. Fashion nostalgia is not going anywhere and wearing a wide leg pant along with a platform shoe or blazer can foster both memories and moments. See how Target Style designer and fashion editor and influencer, Kahlana Barfield, styles her wide leg pants.