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Samjah in florals

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While solid colored garments add the perfect pop of color to any wardrobe, patterns and prints add the zest. Florals, stripes, polka dots, leopard, paisley print and more, breathe life into the most stylish looks.

Rocking prints and mixing patterns might seem intimidating to the fashionably challenged, but it’s well worth the effort to pull off an attention-grabbing look. As your stylish digital girlfriend, we’re here to help. The fall season doesn’t immediately lend itself to floral print, but this year, florals for fall are on trend.

Gone are the days when floral prints were only reserved for the spring and summer months. Nowadays, they are to be worn year-round.  From curtains to couches to clothes to wallpaper, this decorative design is omnipresent in décor and fashion. 

Below are five ways you can look fab in floral print and keep your wardrobe blooming.

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1. Floral Turtleneck

Floral Turtleneck Source:Nilo Burkhalter

The turtleneck is a classic staple that will never go out of style.  It provides a smooth, sleek, timeless look that can’t be denied.  A solid black turtle neck is what most people are used to wearing; however, add some spunk to the usual turtleneck this fall by sporting a floral one.  Throw some wide leg jeans and oversize sunglasses in the mix to achieve a 70’s look.  Grab one of your miniature, pop colored purses and head out the door with confidence.

2. Floral Blazer

Floral Blazer Source:Todd Sterling

Gone are the days where blazers should only be solid, neutral colors.  A floral blazer will add much sass to your wardrobe.  If you aren’t quite sure where to start with the floral fall trend, try a removable piece like the blazer.  That way you can remove the jacket if you begin to feel swamped in florals.  Yes florals are a beautiful design to sport, but sometimes the pattern can be a bit overwhelming.  So starting with a floral blazer paired with a casual ensemble may be the perfect style statement for you.

3. Floral Set

Floral Set Source:Brittany Smith

If you’re excited about the floral fall trend, dive right into it with a floral set! Florals on florals will help eliminate the need to mix and match another color or pattern with your florals.  Choose one small color in your floral set and match your favorite heels with that color.  Throw a clutch in the mix and call it a day.  If you feel like a floral set is a bit much when it comes to donning the print, find a set with a toned-down background color.  A blue (like the set pictured above) or a black background color will make the pattern a little easier to tolerate.  

4. Floral Paired With Texture

Floral Paired With Texture Source:Nilo Burkhalter

Now it’s time to graduate to the big leagues.  If you dare to take a leap when it comes to this floral trend, try pairing the design with a textured piece.  It’s a risk worth taking when it comes to pushing fashion boundaries.  In case you’re unsure of what kinds of textures to pair with your florals, start off with soft, dainty textures (like the skirt pictured above) that will stand out but still allow your floral print to be the focal point of the outfit. 

5. Floral Shoes

Floral Shoes Source:Samjah Iman

Open to the floral trend but not too sure about wearing an entire floral outfit just yet?  No problem, start with the shoes!  Floral shoes seem like they would not be the most attractive kicks, but if you find the right pair you have hit the shoe lottery!  Floral shoe designs work best on boots and heels in most situations.  When sporting a stand-out heel like a floral shoe, the rest of your ensemble can be subtle because the shoe will most definitely do the talking.