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ABC's "Abbott Elementary" - Season Two

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The highly-anticipated Halloween episode of “Abbott Elementary” debuted last night. The kids are getting into some delicious trouble and Janine is attempting to face one of her biggest fears to date. Check out our Episode 6 recap and fan reactions inside.

Abbott’s sixth episode of season 2 titled “Candy Zombies” follows the journey of one student, affectionately called “Little Thanos;” who steals a huge bag of Halloween candy meant to be given out to the kids at the end of the day. Baby Thanos causes complete chaos at Abbott after distributing the candy during school hours.

Meanwhile, Janine is invited to a Halloween party by an old friend, portrayed by guest star Courtney Taylor. Janine begins to reconsider her personal life post breakup.

The teachers of Abbott Elementary work hard to find the candy culprit. Ultimately, another child dressed as the school’s custodian, Mr. Johnson, finds his classmate nearly passed out from a sugar rush.

After speaking with Barbara and Melissa, Janine discovers that she must face her fears head on. She assumes that her co-workers are her only friends and they quickly remind her of her youthful spirit and to get out there to make new friends. Janine subsequently accepts her old friend’s offer to hang out on Halloween night.

Thanks to Principal Ava, Janine trades in her Sixers uniform for something much sexier, a Marilyn Monroe inspired look. She looked beautiful, and Gregory (though forced) compliments her “form fitting,” beautiful look.

These two had an intimate moment on this episode, further foreshadowing their blossoming relationship to come. (or so we hope!)

There were several TV and pop culture references throughout the episode like the notable James Harden video and meme and a moment from “Wanda Vision” that are both spot on in this week’s episode.

Happy Halloween! Watch “Abbott Elementary” each Wednesday at 9pm ET on ABC and stream on Hulu the following day.

Check out some of our favorite fan reactions  to the latest “Abbott Elementary” episode below:

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