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Source: Jose De Sousa / Getty

AMIRI, the high-end luxury fashion brand from designer Mike Amiri, found itself trending on Twitter after a stabbing incident in New York went viral. A man wearing a shirt from the brand was seen on video confronting a bodega worker, who allegedly stabbed the man to death and sparking reactions.

AMIRI is considered one of the top brands for many in Hip-Hop culture, thus why the company’s name caught the eye of many in the video. Local outlet New York Post reports that the stabbing incident was caught on video and says that the man wearing the shirt attacked the worker over a bag of chips. According to the outlet, the incident took place at the Hamilton Heights Grocery store on Broadway.

While Hip-Hop Wired has seen the video in question in all of its harrowing detail, we will not be posting the surveillance video footage on this post. While details are still largely developing, what has been learned is that the incident took place last Friday in the late evening hours. A woman came into the store to buy a bag of chips but didn’t have enough money and was sent away.

The woman then went to grab the victim, identified as Austin Simon, 35, who is seen on the video assaulting Jose Alba, 51, shoving him into a wall before Alba retaliated with a knife and plunged it into Simon’s neck and chest.

Police charged Alba with murder and possession of a deadly weapon. He is currently being held at Rikers Island on a $250,000 bond.

The reactions that were seen on Twitter shifted between some defending Alba’s actions, the AMIRI brand, and more. We’ve got those comments listed out below. Condolences should go out to the family of Austin Simon as well.

Photo: Getty

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