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A now-viral interview where rising rap star Jack Harlow was revealed to have no idea that celeb siblings Brandy and Ray J are related, or even that Ray J had a sister at all, has now surprisingly led “The Boy Is Mine” singer to bring out her rap persona Bran’Nu for an official diss over the beat to Harlow’s own hit single, “First Class.”



Brandy put aside her fan-given title as The Vocal Bible to drop some bars that are more in line with her character Xplicit Lyrics from the now-canceled female rap-themed ABC drama, Queens. There’s no denying who the diss is addressed to, even outside of her using his catchy Fergie-sampling instrumental. “Painting pictures / Cinderella scriptures / But that don’t mean jack in the streets / Jack of all trades, now I’m here jacking for beats,” she raps — yes, raps! — making sure to emphasize the ‘jack’ with an extra bit of sass each time. Her lyricism focuses more on a nearly 30-year career that includes everything from being a teenage multiplatinum R&B singer to breaking boundaries in 1997 as Disney’s Black Cinderella.

Of course it comes with a few critiques as well, mainly the fact that a diss track even exists in the first place. For most people, it seemed like Jack Harlow meant no harm in his mishap and was simply being a 24-year-old white man who was born the same year that Brandy released her last most-successful album.


As a multifaceted creative that’s blessed us with countless musical gems over the years, Brandy is fully in the right to express herself and get a few Gen Z impressions in the process. At the same time, the 43-year-old veteran could probably do herself some justice by picking on someone her own age.

Is B-Rocka sparring on the same lyrical level as today’s hip-hop heavyweights, or was this attempt at a rap battle more of a ‘b-rick’? Peep a few reactions to Brandy’s “First Class” freestyle diss towards Jack Harlow below, and let us know what you think:






B-Rocka or B-RICK? Fans React To Brandy’s Jack Harlow Diss Song  was originally published on

1. I’m sorry but Brandy rapped better than a lot of rap artists out right now… 😭🤷🏽‍♀️

via @CLTgirl82

2. Yo! I had no idea BRANDY could rhyme🙌 She sound like a polished veteran with them bars… @4everBrandy

via @RAtheRuggedMan

3. y’all saying Brandy doing too much for dropping that song but this is literally how Hip Hop has historically worked… address that shit on wax. folks more mad about her response than the fact y’all let someone who isn’t in tune with the culture be at the forefront of it.

via @tigergoodsmusic

4. Yo @HOT97 ya’ll gotta relax! why can’t Brandy just have fun? Stop making this sound like real beef. 🤣🤣

via @oldmanebro

5. Brandy need to relax. This kid is 24. I’m sure a lot of 24 year olds don’t know that much about her. And I’m not really making excuses for him but I mean fucking relax

via @KidFromTheX

6. Jack Harlow: “Brandy & Ray J are siblings!?” Brandy:

via @iMjustQuincy

7. Me when brandy said “jack of all trades now I’m jacking the streets straight jacking for beats” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Ma’am why you going so hard??? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

via @CoachCousin

8. brandy should’ve never acknowledged jack harlow not knowing who sho was. who cares? you are brandy. MF BRANDY. now she went and made a “freestyle” addressing it and it’s embarrassing because why does she even care

via @LookAtDustin

9. Y’all act like brandy can’t have fun. I highly doubt she really care bout that man she just using this opportunity to showcase her rapping skills. Everything ain’t beef😂

via @kaikenzoe

10. Rap beefs have started over far less. One day your homie is beefing with someone over who wore BAPE first then 15years later you getting exposed for doing a blackface photo shoot and not being a present father. Brandy just keeping the rap tradition of beefing over dumb shit alive

via @DragonflyJonez