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Black Ink Crew Franchise - Tri-City Tattoo Battle

Source: Marcus Ingram / Getty

Last week on Black Ink Crew, Ceaser heads to Milwaukee with Teddy to open his new shop and fired the entire Atlanta shop crew except for Breezy. Tatti also avoided being thrown in jail for a long time. This week’s episode of  Black Ink Crew was relatively drama-free, with Ceaser uniting the crews of Chicago and Compton for a good cause. 

Rok & Krystal FINALLY Head To Atlanta

Last week Rok and Krystal’s road trip to Atlanta hit a speedbump because their new dog attacked Krystal six hours into the trip, forcing them to turn around and head back to New York City. Anyway, the story didn’t make any sense, and even after FaceTiming Puma and the crew on this week’s episode, the story still sounds shaky. Rok tells Puma that they put the dog in a kennel, and they are finally hitting the road again and coming to Atlanta well after the work is done. Krystal shows off her wounds, and they look more like scratches than bite marks but whatever.

Tatti Tells Ceaser The Good News and Shifts Strategy

Tatti is not going to jail, but it seems like last week she low key admitted to doing that ridiculously stupid sh*t using the crib she “bought.” She breaks the news to Ceaser and reveals before she gets her own shop, she wants to learn how to tattoo, and Cesser thinks that is a great idea. Alex overhears this discussion, and he thinks it’s straight cap and feels Tatti is just wasting her time.

Ceaser Unites The Crews For A Good Cause

The Black Ink New York team was in for a big surprise when both the Black Ink Chicago and Compton crews show up at their hotel. They all have no idea what Ceaser has planned for them, but they do know it’s something big. Ryan is flanked by Phor, Dom, Prince Draya, and others. Meanwhile, KP and Tim are in the building, plus his former employees Lemeir, Vudu, and Nessie, and, just like on their show, there is still some tension. Krystal and Rok eventually show up at the party, and they know they will have some serious explaining to do because Ceaser is still big mad they flaked when he first told them to come to Atlanta.

Ceaser, Rok, and Krystal have a much-needed conversation, and he tells them to get it together, or they will be out of a job. Both Rok and Krystal apologize to their boss and promise never to let him down again.

Now for the Black Ink unity moment, Ceaser reveals to the crews that he brought them together for a good cause and gets everyone on track because he feels they are letting the Black tattoo industry down. They all meet up at Miya Bailey’s tattoo shop, and Ceaser first tells the crew the reunion is about giving back to the community for their first act. He instructs them to paint a mural and put together bags of canned goods.

While the crew creates the mural, Ceaser tells the “bosses” to follow him into the shop for a discussion among them. Ceaser wants them to start buying real estate to turn them into profitable businesses that they could use to give people jobs and help give back to the communities the properties are thriving in.

Ceaser also has one more surprise up his sleeve. Yeah, the trip was about bringing the Black Ink Crews together, but of course, there will be some friendly competition. Ceaser announces the Black Ink Battle, and everyone is excited. We get a glimpse of the set, but we won’t get to see who comes out on top until next week.

Our money is on Ryan and his team.

Oh, and we almost forgot, Bae and her new boyfriend Jay got some more screentime. It turns out he is also a rapper. We are really starting to believe this guy just wants some camera time.

You can peep more reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Marcus Ingram / Getty

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