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Black Ink Crew: Ceaser Agreed To Restraining Order To Avoid Jail Time

Source: VH1 / Black Ink Crew

Last week, a disastrous Puma team-building event turned into a “teachable moment” moment for the crew. This week, Ceaser wants to promote his business better and brings back an OG to help with that. At the same time, he’s still dealing with his own issues.

Ceaser Feels The Black Ink Crew Needs To Be On A Billboard

Following the previous debacle at the shop, Ceaser feels it’s time his Black Ink brand needs a reboot, and he has to get his artists out there. So he decides to bring back Black Ink Crew OG, Sassy, to help with that and reveals to his artists that he wants to do a photoshoot and put them on a billboard. No longer a cast member on the show, Sassy is now flourishing in the PR business, and Ceaser feels she is the perfect person for the job. The crew is excited, and, Tatti is onboard to get the team in shape to look photoshoot ready.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Speaking of Tatti, Puma noticed that she is being a tad bit snappy to the other employees at the shop, and he wants to know what is going on? He pulls her to the side for a conversation, and Tatti comes clean about her legal woes. We still find it crazy that if Tatti did what she did, she was that naive to think the feds wouldn’t find out she was moving millions of dollars worth of drugs through her home address. Anyway, Puma tells her she needs to tighten up so she can stop putting herself in these messed-up situations.

Rok Thinks Krystal Is The One

Rok is head over heels for his boo Krystal. He revealed as much speaking with his brothers about a tattoo she did for him to commemorate their late father. Rok has become more of a father figure in their lives since their dad passed away, so he’s pressing them to get their lives together and get jobs. Anyway, Rok reveals to them that he thinks Krystal is the one, and he wants to marry her. His brothers agree because they both like her and see the positive impact she has on him.

But, their relationship might be put to the test again because of Krystal’s career as a “rap artist.” Yes, unfortunately, Teddy is still dead serious about this music label, and it has Krystal as its lead artist. While in the studio listening to one of her finished songs, he notices that Rok is still on it, even after he told her to take her boyfriend off because of his “goofy” lyrics. Teddy hits her on FaceTime to find out what is going on, and Krystal says she will take Rok off the song.

We are still confused about how Teddy didn’t know that Rok was still on the song? Already a bad sign that he has no clue how to run a record label.

Moving on, Teddy confronts Krystal after a workout session about taking Rok off the song and why she is dragging her feet? Krystal reveals she hasn’t done it for the sake of peace in her relationship, which doesn’t sit too well with Teddy.

Spyder Gets Some Good News Regarding His Health

Spyder has been down in the dumps due to a recently revealed health condition he has been secretly dealing with. After a visit with a specialist, she told him he might need brain surgery to correct his issue, which scared him. Thankfully that won’t be the case. Spyder revealed he got his MRI results back, and surgery won’t be necessary. The doctor also put him on medication that makes the pain tolerable.

Of Course, The Photoshoot Doesn’t Go As Planned

Before the shoot, Sassy sets up a brainstorming session with Ceaser and her creative team. The meeting of the minds doesn’t go well because Ceaser is clearly not into it, basically not answering any questions about the billboard and how he wants things to look. During his confessional, Teddy says he has no idea what’s going on with Ceaser but alludes he could be in his feelings because of something having to do with his recent court date.

It’s the day of the photoshoot, and everyone quickly notices that some individuals are missing. Rok and Krystal are, of course, late. That’s not surprising. We quickly learn why Rok is not there when he hits up Alex on FaceTime, telling his coworker that his brother was in a bad car accident, so he won’t be able to make it. We still don’t know where Krystal is, so we’re going to assume that she is being supportive of her boyfriend in his time of need.

Also noticeably absent are Teddy and Ceaser and Puma is deeply concerned about their absence. We quickly learn that Ceaser is not there because he is in feelings after his appearance in his court, so Teddy was correct in his assumption. Ceaser reveals to Teddy that the court held him in contempt because of his struggle press conference. His daughter claims that she was the subject of harassment and even received death threats because of it. To avoid jail time, Ceaser had to agree to a restraining order, and it would only be lifted when Crystal agreed to it. So, for now, he has to stay away from Cheyenne and can’t contact her.

Ceaser feels very lonely now because he can’t speak to his only child, claiming everything he does is for Cheyenne, and now it feels like it’s all for nothing.

Teddy uses the moment to ask Ceaser if his girlfriend, Suzette, has been supportive and Ceaser says she hasn’t been noticing him struggling mentally. Ceaser tells Teddy he’s not in the mood to do the photoshoot, Teddy breaks the news to Puma, and he then tells Sassy to shut it down, forcing her to postpone it for another time. The team still takes pictures because no one likes to waste a good photoshoot opportunity.

Poor Ceaser was just trying to defend his name but managed to make things worse for himself.

You can peep reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

Photo: VH1 / Black Ink Crew

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