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Safaree is trending on X this week and as it happens, it’s never for a reason one would readily expect. The reality television star posted a NSFW gym video mocking Wiz Khalifa and fans online believe they’re having a bulge war.

Earlier this year, Wiz Khalifa, a known gym rat who trains in mixed martial arts, posted a bench curl video in his typical workout shorts with fans noticing that “Little Wiz” was able to be seen in full color through the gear. While it didn’t seem to be an intentional choice, fans made a bit of a commotion but moved on from the moment quickly.

However, Safaree, who operates an OnlyFans page, posted and deleted a video of him doing a similar workout with his goodness and mercy showing through his pants, and fans were taken aback. On OnlyFans, Safaree called his video the “Wiz Khalifa Workout Challenge” although we doubt the Pittsburgh rapper signed up for this particular footrace.

On X, formerly Twitter, the comments are a little lusty with some wondering how Safaree’s ex-girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, managed the, ahem, equipment for the years they dated. Others are calling the former Scaff Beezy corny for doing so while some ladies are saying that his corniness is part of the appeal.

Check out the reactions below. Naturally, we can’t share the video but it’s out there if you’re looking hard enough.

Photo: Getty

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