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New York Jets v New England Patriots

Source: Al Pereira / Getty

NFL Quarterback, 2015 league MVP, Three-Time Pro-Bowler Cam Newton celebrate his 32 birthday today (May 11).

Newton, The New England Patriots quarterback is a household name around the league. Also known as Superman brought his former team to the Super Bowl and put together an unforgettable 2015 NFL season. Don’t forget to mention his pre-game fashion and charisma on the field.

Check out 10 insane Cam Newton career plays:

Cam Newton’s Top 10 Insane Career Plays  was originally published on

1. 2017- WEEK 14: 62-Yard Run vs Vikings

2. 2016- WEEK 11 : 40-Yard TD PASS vs Saints

Panthers block field goal to set up Newton to Ginn 40-yard touchdown

3. 2015- WEEK 16 : 8-Yard Run vs Falcons

Cam Newton plows through multiple Falcons on this powerful run

4. 2015- WEEK 14 : 4-Yard Pass vs Falcons

Newton threads the needle on touchdown pass to Ed Dickson

5. 2031- WEEK 16 : 56-Yard Run vs Buccaneers

Cam runs for a 56-yard run against the Buccaneers

6. 2015 NFC Championship : 12-Yard Run vs Cardinals

Cam Newton uses his legs on a 79-yard TD drive in the 3rd quarter versus the Arizona Cardinals.

7. 2015- WEEK 2 : 2-Yard TD Run vs Texans

QB Newton flips over the Texans defenders as he leaps into the end zone for a score.

8. 2015- WEEK 6: 26-Yard TD Pass vs Seahawks

Newton finds TE Greg Olsen for the game-winning touchdown against the Seattle Seahawks.

9. 2013- WEEK 11 : 14-Yard Run vs Patriots

Cam Newton escapes a sack and avoids pressure to make an incredible 14-yard scramble to the New England Patriots’ 49-yard line.

10. 2012- WEEK 14 : 72-Yard Run vs. Falcons

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton busts loose on a 72-yard run vs. the Atlanta Falcons and scores on a head-first flip into the end zone in Week 14 of the 2012 NFL Season.