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Senate Heads For A Weekend Vote On Bipartisan Infrastructure Agreement

Source: Bloomberg / Getty

Rafael Edward Cruz, mostly known today as U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, has a penchant for tone-deafness and an unwillingness to tone down his right-leaning politics in favor of good sense. Cancún Cruz shot off a lazy “get a job” tweet after an ABC News affiliate tweeted a report that jobless Americans are facing fewer options as benefits are starting to run out.

ABC 33/40 News, which covers news in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Anniston in Alabama, shared an Associated Press report that unemployed Americans ran out of their benefits on Labor Day thus putting a spotlight on the dearth of programs slated to aid the less fortunate.

Instead of a message of hope, Cruz used a common tactic spewed by conservative pundits about the availability of vaccines and jobs while thrusting people back to work all while not understanding that the economics don’t add up.

“Um, get a job? There are millions of vacancies, and small businesses across the Nation are desperate for workers,” Cruz tweeted on Monday (September 6).

The irony of Cruz tweeting his missive on Labor Day wasn’t lost on many, and plenty pointed out the absurdity of this statement. The jobs that the nation says are plentiful are not offering a living wage nor are the work conditions optimal for all. The jobs available do not address the many handicapped individuals across the nation and it certainly doesn’t speak to the fact that many of these hourly wage jobs that some are touting don’t offer benefits. Benefits that would be a great boost during a still-ongoing pandemic.

On Twitter, folks took shots at Sen. Ted Cruz’s lazy jab, and rightfully so. We’ve got the best reactions below.

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