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Love Is Blind Season 6 Images of Clay Gravesande and Amber Desiree Smith

Source: Courtesy / Netflix


Love is Blind season 6 star Clay Gravesande says he is not dating OnlyFans model and notorious clout chaser Celina Powell.

Mr. Cold Feet is now making press rounds to repair his damaged image after videos of himself and Celina Powell looking really cozy together in bed, kissing, went viral, insinuating the two were hooking up.

Clay stopped by the New Rory & Mal podcast, and of course, they touched on the Celina Powell situation. The reality star claims that after flopping on his fiancée, Amber “AD” Desiree, leaving her crying at the altar, his dating life was in shambles.

“When the end of the show happened, I’mma be honest, I wasn’t getting a lot of good women reaching out to me after the show,” Clay told Rory & Mal. “They were mad at me. I really was only getting a certain type of women reaching out to me.”


Clay Claims He Only Met Celina Powell Once

He eventually meets Celina Powell, and he claims he didn’t know about her full track record except the “Meech thing” and that they only met once in person, but they were exchanging DMs.

“I only met Celina once…literally…on Friday, I met Celina. That was the first time I ever met Celina. So, me and Celina been talking in DMs.”

He continues, “Like…she cool, bro. I didn’t really know too much about her like that. I only saw the Meech thing. Now, I know.”

Rory then pushes back, asking Clay about Powell’s infamous track record and why he would deal with a woman like her.

“I ain’t going to lie to you, bro. I kinda like promiscuous women. So, I don’t be tripping about that,” Clay admits, adding, “I didn’t pipe, bro. We did TikToks.”

Clay continues, “Celina is actually a cool a— person, bro. We was having conversations. We were kinda talking about…just like how to turn everything around, and she was having conversations with me about the industry and what to expect.” She came from a perspective of really just kinda looking out.

Celina Powell Is Calling C A P On Clay’s Claims

While Clay is out here claiming he didn’t pipe, something he only did after his momma, Margarita Gravesande, read him for filth on social media, Celina Powell is singing a different tune in her IG Stories.

In a recent post, she shared a video of herself laying on top of a shirtless Clay with a link to her website with the caption, “Ain’t this him?” insinuating they did sleep together.

In past posts, Powell shared a photo of Clay with adult film star Willow Ryder during a trip to Belize, something he touched on during his interview with Rory and Mal.

Gravesande admits to the podcasting duo that he’s still in therapy but also has lust and sex addictions and is drawn to promiscuous women.



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