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Unless you’ve been living under a disco ball, the world has been at a collective standstill for the past 72 hours since the release of Act I: Renaissance, the new album by global pop icon Beyoncé.

With praise for the “Diva” singer’s latest LP also came some criticism — we love you too, Kelis! — and it seems like there may have been another shady comment thrown at King Bey by way of legendary songwriter Dianne Warren.


Earlier today (August 1) Warren hopped on Twitter to ask a burning question, writing to her over 70,000 followers, “How can there be 24 writers on a song?” The eye roll emoji she added at the end didn’t help to subside the shade, although she was quick to follow-up by adding in another tweet, “This isn’t meant as shade, I’m just curious.” Many were quick to ponder if she was referring to Beyoncé given the recent release of Renaissance, particularly with songs like “Alien Superstar” that literally has 24 writers credited to it.

After many were quick to call her out by clarifying that it’s the amount of samples per song that can make the songwriter list increase, Warren seemed to side with the majority by writing, “Ok, it’s prob samples that add up the ammount of writerrs” [sic]. Sadly, the damage was already done and resulted in a firing round of tweets aimed at her musical knowledge and history as a songwriter herself. Warren is famous for penning hits alongside a who’s-who of entertainers over the decades, including pop royalty like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Aaliyah, Mary J. Blige, Luther Vandross, Al Green, Patti LaBelle and even Beyoncé herself. Still, that legacy wasn’t enough to stop people like The-Dream, a main producer on Renaissance, for coming at her entire neck.


While it does seem like Warren may have been thinking of Beyoncé during her moment of inquiry, the question of whether or not it warranted a full-on social media attack by the BeyHive and her music peers alike is definitely something worth pondering over. Sound off!

See what others are saying about Dianne Warren throwing shade at songs with “24 writers” below, and let us know how you really feel as well:



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1. Diane Warren knows that when artists sample and interpolate multiple songs on a new song, the original songwriters will receive credits on the new recording, she just wants to be nasty towards Beyoncé after the release of #RENAISSANCE. Not a good look for someone at her level.


2. Not The Dream getting Ms. Diane together! Listen, Diane Warren is a legend in the industry, but there was no reason for her to tweet the things said and not think that it was going to stir things up and for what reason? It was shady and nasty and Dream responded, as he should.

via @AshleyShyMiller

3. legends are allowed to be shady and diane warren is very much legendary

via @kyorkyle

4. Quotes are trying to shade Diane Warren’s career…THE Diane Warren. Chile.

via @TheGreatIsNate

5. Let’s be clear, the only people still interested in taking songs from Diane Warren in 2022 are Rita Ora and RuPaul. She can keep those dated songs in her sports bra.

via @TheTitanBaddie

6. She knows. She trying to be shady. Beyoncé’s experiencing any success or positive news brings out the insecure and bitter.

via @Rocksteady00

7. Diane Warren is so intellectually dishonest and I hate how commonplace and accepted that kind of approach has become. If you have 24 authors on your works cited for a college essay were they all in the library working at once? Obviously not. Crediting samples is pretty intuitive.

via @Ianfluence

8. Not y’all running to Diane Warren’s defense. Idgaf who she wrote songs for. She’s been in this business for decades. She knows how credits work. She made a nasty comment and tried to play innocent. Typical white woman behavior.

via @notblaccbrry

9. Look at Diane Warren pulling a classic white woman. You wanted to be shady and one of the album’s major contributors put you in check and educated you about the process.

via @ABitOfKwansLife

10. People like Diane Warren perfectly showcase the attitude of the older white generation of big artists towards Black women in the music industry. And it’s not a good look.

via @beyonceparkwood