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Donald Trump Attends Pre-Trial Hearing In New York Hush Money Case

Donald Trump has suffered a series of legal setbacks, including one that finds the former president and business mogul along with his codefendants on the hook for a $464 million fine. Trump has until March 25 to satisfy his debt or provide a bond in the full amount, which could lead to seizures of some of his business holdings and has prompted users on X to get the #trumpisbroke hashtag trending.

Donald Trump, 77, was recently ordered by New York Judge Arthur Engoron to pay a $355 million fine after it was ruled that Trump filed financial statements that failed to show the true value of his properties and other holdings in the civil fraud case. With interest, Trump owes $455 million overall and is appealing the decision according to a report from Courthouse News Service.

If Trump is unable to secure a cash bond for monies owed or satisfies the debut, New York Attorney General Letitia James says that her office will consider seizing properties owned by Trump.

Trump’s legal team has submitted a request to pay a $100 million bond in a bid to appeal the decision, with his side also mentioning that their client might have to sell off some real estate assets to pay the fine. New York Supreme Court Associate Justice Anil Singh denied the $100 million bond offer and expects Trump to pay the full amount he owes.

In the filing of the appeal, Trump’s lawyer wrote, “The exorbitant and punitive amount of the judgment coupled with an unlawful and unconstitutional blanket prohibition on lending transactions would make it impossible to secure and post a complete bond.”

As a result of legal happenings this week, some online are assuming that Donald Trump is broke thus sparking the hashtag. Further, Trump is in the middle of vying for the GOP’s nomination for this year’s presidential race where he remains a frontrunner.

Check out the comments from the #trumpisbroke hashtag below.

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