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We definitely subscribe to the notion that everyone should be free to express their own opinion without public scrutiny. However, as we’ve all seen or experienced in the past, saying some stuff is liable to get you cancelled and then some.

Retired Super Bowl XLIII champion Ryan Clark somehow managed to put a whole foot in his mouth, cleats and all, after he made the bold claim that often-controversial R&B dancer Chris Brown is more talented than the King Of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.




For those who need a reminder, Clark played pro in the NFL from 2002 as an undrafted free agent on the New York Giants until his 2015 retirement on a one-day contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers, his main franchise between 2006 and 2013. The 42-year-old former safety has since spent his time developing a post-NFL career and raising awareness for his longtime battle with sickle cell trait. Unfortunately though, it now looks like his legacy for the immediate future will will be associated with saying that a 33-year-old entertainer with a 17-year-career and 18 million in U.S. record sales is better than a decades-spanning Michael Jackson that has 89 million U.S. record sales and counting more than a decade after his 2009 death.

Earlier this morning he let off a series of tweets (seen above), randomly making the controversial assertion by writing, “Chris Brown is more talented than Michael Jackson… there I said it! Have a great week.” His second one came just a few hours later in a tweet that reads, “I do not care!! You out CB and MJ in the talent Olympics Chris Brown wins.”

Clark seems to have no qualms with standing firm in his original opinion after doubling down on Twitter not too long ago, responding to a report by TMZ by writing, “It’s because I’m right.” He went on to fish for a co-sign by Breezy himself in the same tweet by adding at the end, “Why is it this confusing @chrisbrown!”


Again, we think Clark is 100% valid in having a personal opinion. With that said, it is no surprise that he’s been met with universal scrutiny by MJ fans, music lovers in general an even some of his sports peers. Longtime Dallas Cowboys defense end Marcus Spears even hit him with the Blac Youngsta “How?” gif.

Take a look at some of the many people who highkey disagreed with Ryan Clark saying Chris Brown is more talented than Michael Jackson, and then let us know what your official take is on this long-running debate:



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1. cb never had a performance like the 1988 grammys. never danced like mj did in the panther dance, never sang like he did in earth song or will you be there, never made an album with the sales and impact like thriller , and never wrote a song as good as stranger in moscow.


2. I’m not so excited for football season anymore. Look what it’s done to this man’s brain.

via @BarkyBoogz

3. We gather here today for the ratio of Ryan Clark He was a good man who meant well. May he be able to rest while the comments continue to pop off Amen

via @_willcompton

4. Nigga landed one back flip on beat to March Madness and flash fried these people’s brains 😂😭

via @BarkyBoogz

5. Ryan Clark grew up during peak Michael Jackson, and this? This is what he came up with?

via @MarteenYado

6. Ryan Clark really on this app saying Chris Brown more talented than Michael Jackson. Folks say anything to boost them interactions. 💯

via @AnotherCavsFan

7. I like Ryan Clark but the debate stops with the vocals. Michael Jackson was pitch perfect at 12. Chris Brown is vocally OK, but he’s not even close to MJ. I think CB is an underrated hitmaker, but Michael was making hits for over 30 years from 1969-2001 (ABC to Butterflies).

via @kevinlockett

8. Ryan Clark getting the worst vitriol like when Chris Brown mama said “Michael Jackson DIED so Chris Brown could LIVE”

via @QueenEsther328

9. Ryan Clark said Chris Brown is more talented than Michael Jackson!!! FOH. Michael Jackson has 3 no skip albums. Chris Brown combined hits wouldn’t produce a no skip album.

via @realprinceblue

10. No you’re and I’m really disappointed in you RYAN CLARK

via @KendrickPerkins