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Happy Birthday Meek Mill! The “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper turns 35 years old today. Put some respect on Meek’s name, because he’s not just a rapper. The guy has an impressive list of non-rap related things he’s really good at.

Fascinating enough, Meek Mill started his music career as a battle rapper and later formed a short-lived rap group, The Bloodhoundz, before he embarked on his solo music career. In 2008, Atlanta rapper T.I. signed Meek Mill to his first record deal.

While most of us know him for his hit songs like “Trauma” and the aforementioned hit single “Dreams and Nightmares” (which no matter where you are has fans rapping bar-for-bar), we discovered Meek’s quite skilled at several random things. Meek can pop wheelies with the best of them in Philly, he’s nearly as skilled as Olympic gymnast Simone Biles and he’s even added actor to his growing resume.

Meek released his fifth studio album, Expensive Pain, arriving three years after fan-favorite album, Championships. The rapper also released his final mixtape in his Dreamchasers series as an NFT back in January 2022.

There’s no telling what Meek might do next. We have learned so much about the young talent. The common denominator is that the man has skill and loves adventurous activities.

Check out this list of things Meek Mill can do aside from rapping that you probably didn’t know before today.

Happy Birthday: A List of Non-Rap Related Things Meek Mill Does Really Well  was originally published on

1. Meek Can Skate


Bet you didn’t know Meek Mill had moves like this on the roller skating rink. 

2. Meek Can Flip Like A Trained Gymnast


Watch out Simone Biles! Meek is coming for the Olympics. 

3. Meek Can Pop A Wheelie With The Best Of Them


This isn’t as shocking as his other many skills, because this activity is engrained in the fabric of Philly culture. 

4. Meek Can Seriously Act


Meek appears in his first serious dramatic role in the film Charm City Kings. The 2020 film explores the story of 14 year old, Mouse, who desperately wants to join the Midnight Clique — an infamous group of Baltimore dirt-bike riders who rule the summertime streets.