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Source: VALERIE MACON / Getty / Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer and her boo, Darius Jackson, celebrated the birth of their son on Monday and revealed that his name is Leodis Andrellton Jackson, who has the baby-naming brigade sharing their thoughts.

Okay, we can’t front. Celebrities are doing too damn much when naming their children, to the point their pets have better names.

This is not one of those cases here.

Palmer is understandably ecstatic to welcome her son into the world and introduce him to her fans in an Instagram gallery featuring videos and, of course, a photo of baby Leodis. In the caption, she begins, “Hey Son!!!!,” before writing “Born during Black History Month, with a name to match. LEODIS ANDRELLTON JACKSON, welcome to the world, baby Leo.”

No kidding that is a very STRONG, Black name.

As with any celebrity baby name reveal, social media always has thoughts. One Twitter user wrote, “That name sound like it led a civil rights March.”

Palmer, easily one of the wittiest celebs on Twitter, responded, “It’s giving I marched with Martin, purrrr.”


Ha, gotta love Keke Palmer.

Still, plenty of other people have some thoughts about the child’s name like Britni Danielle, the senior culture editor at ESPN’s Andscape, wrote, “Who granddaddy Keke’s baby named after??”

Another Twitter user wrote, “Keke Palmer said she bringing back the strong BLACK names. The great granddaddy names! She said her son gone know how to chop wood, start fires & build houses with his bare hands.”

Keke Palmer Told Us Her Son’s Name Was Going To Be Black ASF

To her credit, the actress put us on notice ahead of time about her son’s name, stating, “It gives Black American storyline,” and “We’re not going for anything too unique. It’s not about to be Stone and Sand. It’s just like a nice natural [name].”

Mission accomplished.

You can peep more reactions to Keke Palmer’s son’s name in the gallery below.

Photo: VALERIE MACON / Getty

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